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Recruit.... Again


Bounce Radge
Unless Ron Gordon takes immediate action to sort this crises he can forget “best of the rest” , he’ll be looking at bottom six mediocrity at best .
LD has done a good job over the last few years but this is tempered with our current situation . PHB is a bust I’m afraid and should be emptied forthwith .
His signings have on the whole been hopeless , yet he insists on playing them along with non-Hibernian tactics 😡
If our C.E.O $%#@ fix it she’ll have to go as well, before all the recent good work goes down the pan 😩
Great post


Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
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Monthly Radge
Our recruitment team are utter pony. I’d scrap the whole system and do it old school. Get five scouts, don’t even have to be scouts, just ex players that actually know the game. These old pros can actually spot a player better than anyone. Get them all taking in championship games every week, then in the office comparing notes on the Monday. You’ll find the talent that way, not watching YouTube clips.
It's maybe not the system, but the staff within the system. It's time for George Craigs abilities and involvement in footballing decisions to be examined closer.

Hibs v Gunts

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