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Mon Dieu4

intensely hostile firing his gun in the air radge
Bounce Radge
Roast Tatties radge please


Hamesick Radge
Radge Donator
Private Member
Monthly Radge
Can a get Homesick Radge because that's how am feeling after comin home for the Huns game and havin to come back up here again to work please phew


Tartan Army Radge
Bounce Radge
Can I get the Tartan Army Rage Mate:Sparkle_Cool:


russ dinse

Bounced Out!
Can i be a Malt Whisky lovin radge:applause:

OOPS,seen yer previous post,did it maself cheers


Leither 4eva Radge
Bounce Radge
can you change mine to

- leither 4eva radge

Centenary Hibee

Royal Radgeness King of Hibernia!
Bounce Radge
I would like to be known as his Royal Radgeness King of Hibernia!:raisehat:

russ dinse

Bounced Out!
A cannae seem tae get ma radge thing workin,do admin have to do it now:pullhair:


Bounced Out!
has "Radge, Radge Against The Fading Of The Light" been taken ?


Bounce Flag Co-Owner
Flag Owner
Radge Donator
Bounce Radge
has "Radge, Radge Against The Fading Of The Light" been taken ?
Think its only private members who can change their "Radgeness" - a pm to Jamie will clarify it though :thumbgrin:

Hamilton v Hibs

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