Pre match interviews back

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Legendary Radge
No programmes..

can’t really complain as only buy them at cup games and European games these days but still


I’m not clued up on the technical side, but I suppose I don’t need to be, going fire me the details (loosely) of what needs to be done and I’ll see what I can do ✅
Emailed the 2 dudes mate.

Basically a wee snippet o a news story when posted on the hibs site gets posted automatically onto here. With a link to the story.

I do use an external one but its a paid one to stop the redirection thing, and generally does not work with an iphone...

It looks good however and would feed users right into the official site..

Example below

Away Tickets: Aberdeen vs Hibs | Club Information

If it was an official one we would have it active on GHC


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I think anything such as this that can be turned into "more tv time" is a good thing for attracting sponsors. The more a logo is seen, the easier it is to attract a sponsor and push them for more money.
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