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Player Sponsorship 2019/2020


Hi All,

The player sponsonship is due soon.
Last year we sponsored (again)...DAVID GRAY, BOOTS), previous years we had 20 users, each donating £20 each. We have found this is a struggle to get the required amount.

We are looking for anyone who would be willing to donate some of their hard earned cashola to allow this to happen.

Thank you.


Donate via PayPal
(State yer username so I can keep track.)

Confirmed - Thank you.
  1. Jamie
  2. Beefy
  3. Leithwalk
  4. Power
  5. Kirriehibby
  6. Glenn07
  7. madhibby5
  8. hibbybilly
  9. Calzone
  10. behindenemylines
  11. Rocky
  12. WJC1848
  13. Greenmachine
  14. Fernando
  15. Kabulhibby
  16. behindenemylines!!
  17. Kevinc
  18. SlovSam
  19. Murky
  20. Rude_boy
  21. KennyH
  22. 1875
  23. CJRRHibs
  24. Norwayhibs
  25. LisaCakes
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Bounce Radge
£20.00 sent.


Thank you everyone that has donated so far and those who have pledged to donate.

As a way of a thank you we shall be doing a draw. Everyone that donates £20 or more (every £20 gets you 1 entry) you shall go into a draw to his boots from last year.


Bounce Radge
Just sent twenty pounds over using PayPal ,hope you receive it
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Help The Bounce, Bounce

We are looking for users to donate to reach our shortfall of £100 per month to pay for the server, we realise that users may not be able to with this nasty virus, but if can, it would be very much appriecated ? We have had some cancellations on Direct Debits sadly. If you wish to set up a DD then please do so via the UPGRADES section. Stay Safe, The Bounce.
This donation drive ends in
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The Bounce is 18 Years Old