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Peter Tork RIP


Radge Donator
Radge Donator
Bounce Radge
Part of Bounce
Very sad news, America will always be a crazy place,


Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
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Lewis Flag Donator
TV show was great, some of the music was pretty catchy too. RIP Peter


Bounce Flag Co-Owner
Flag Owner
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Lewis Flag Donator
Gray Boot Sponsor
The monkees were part of my childhood. The second album I ever owned (after war movie themes) was The Monkees Greatest Hits. Peter Tork was my favourite because it seemed to me he also had ginger hair cut into the shape of a bell. In truth his was more in the mould of Roger McGuinn whereas mine was more in the shape of whatever bowl my mum could lay to hand. He was the Ringo of the band - a bit more complex than the others. The film Head is actually surprisingly good - almost subversive.

Apparently Peter Tork had health issues which marred his life which is sad.

Not directly connected to the OP but I often wonder how that generation of American hippies turned into such a bunch of c***s. Odd that. To quote the Pistols - ‘never trust a hippie’.

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