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Once upon a time in Hollywood


Radge Private Member
Private Member
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Went to see this tonight in the fabulous Bo’ness Hippodrome ( my local cinema since moving from Edinburgh 15 years ago).
Great film and Tarantino reinvents the 60’s?
Because I remember the events of 1969 , it was a total surprise. Damian Lewis cameo as Steve McQueen is uncanny and Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are terrific.


Justified Radge
Radge Donator
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Lewis Flag Donator
Monthly Radge
Saw it last Thursday, loved it.

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A message to you, radge
Radge Donator
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Best movie I've seen at the flicks in a while. It's stunning how you are gripped by a film where very little happens in it. Loved the references throughout and the alt ending to what happened in real life. A film I will watch again and again.

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