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Lennon is a good manager , we have had a lot (lot lot ) worse. But he needs realise the world does not revolve around Neil Lennon . If he can't cope with being Hibs manager , then he should do the right thing . If he can , and I'm sure he can , then he he needs to get on with the job in hand and stop fukn about .
I'm getting slightly concerned it's all about Neil Lennon and not Hibs.


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Oct 2, 2006
Agyepong has been a complete waste of time so far. It took an eternity to actually sign him and he has barely kicked a ball for us since then. I know you can't legislate for injuries but he is taking a long time to recover from this one. Add to that his list of injuries he came out with during his interview when he did sign.
We’re fortunate that Boyle & Horgan have been fit. I don’t think we’ll see much from Agyepong at all unfortunately, might be worth sending him back in January and looking for a replacement.