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Marvin Away


Saw that he posted a “don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened” message on Instagram. Good move for him, hope he gets a regular game.


Top radge
He'll be a good player for them.
A soldier in midfield.

Good luck Marv, you're a Hibs man now, we all know.

Hibee Kev

Bounce Radge
Another legend departs. We never lost a derby whilst he was on the pitch, the only defeat he featured in (the 1-0 SC loss at the PBS last season) they'd already kicked him off the park injured with the score still 0-0. All the best Marv!


Bounce Radge
Sad to hear this but glad for him that he'll hopefully be getting a game there instead of wasting his last couple of playing years sitting on the bench, all the best Marv


Justified Radge
Bounce Radge

Genuinely welled up while watching this. So much love for this man.

I also believe that like in SJM's case, we are going to struggle to replace him in terms of influence and personality.

Would desperately love to see him get a goal on Sunday.

Thanks, Marvin. You'll never be forgotten round this way.


Coffee Shop Radge
Bounce Radge
Wot a guy, thru all the trials and tribs, the ups and downs, man bleeds green now - thanks too to all you Embra hibbies for supporting him so well during the games with your vocals!

G'luck at livvy Bartman!


Bounce Radge
He’s so much better than that c*nt Paul Hartley!!!!....

All the best Marv, you will be missed big man. Welcome back at ER anytime. You leave with a league winners medal and most of all a Scottish Cup winners medal. Legend!!!

P.s - If we get a penalty on Sunday against the sheep, Marv must take it!


**** The Hearts
Dissapointing. I wait with baited breath to see the replacements for all those that will leave Hibs.


Bounce Radge
Sad to see him go, he's a legend. And I have a feeling he'll be a tricky opponent!

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Good luck to the lad. He was a rock in midfield and gave no quarter against the mob across the toon. Probably best move all round though as Hecky needs to rebuild the midfield.

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
Gutted to see him go, I've always been a cheerleader for the big guy, but no point in renewal if he wasn't going to play. Also, we have Milligan on the books who can do a similar job.

Our defensive is pretty tight so I'd imagine Heck is looking for a more creative CM.


Bounce Radge
All the best Marv. You'll always be fondly remembered at Hibs. Not bad leaving a club legend too.


Bounce Radge
Marvin Bartley has been a fine defensive midfielder for Hibs over the last four years, but probably feels he now needs a new challenge. Another very good signing from Allan Stubbs. All the best for the rest of your career Marvin.
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