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Bounce Radge
Rumours all season that his family never settled in Scotland. Won't be surprised to see him head back to Oz


Bounce Radge
Gave his all for Hibs and he is clearly a player of decent pedigree. As I said on another thread though I just think due to his age and where he has played most of his career, he has struggled a bit with the scottish game and the type of team Heckingbottom will be putting together for next season will be all about high energy, organisation, workrate, creativity and pace.
All the best for the remainder of your career Mark and thanks for your efforts.


Bounce Radge
Rumours all season that his family never settled in Scotland. Won't be surprised to see him head back to Oz
Yeah it was posted a few months ago on Twitter he'd be heading back home at the end of the season.

He's done okay but his reactions are painfully slow at times. We need some younger players in the team. At least he got to fulfil his dream of playing Europe. Ashame we couldn't have got him 3 or 4 years earlier.

The Family

Capital Radge
Bounce Radge
Heck & Co wants us to be more athletic and also have a lot more pace in our team, both Milligan and Whitaker will struggle with our new look squad and formation, I expect others like Silvka to follow them both out of the door.


Top radge
He was okay, fairly limited but a bit of a battler and could see his leadership qualities at times.
Added a bit defensive composure when we were short though. Definitely contributed.


Bounce Radge
No great loss, imo.


Bounce Radge
I liked him. I agree with the comments about getting him a few years earlier, but the man who wears that crown is Franck Sauzee, a wonderful player no matter his age. However, I thought Milligan had a couple of excellent games for us, and those in which he was, let's say average, merely highlighted his lack of pace.
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