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Heard at work someone is going around putting notes under pensioners doors asking if they need anything and then taking advantage of situation..no other details though


Bounce Radge
From Facebook


Please be aware. Disgusting human beings.

COVID19 SCAM Please pass on to as many of our older and vulnerable as possible.

Some cretinous gangs are visiting homes of old folks etc telling them to stay in their homes whilst offering to shop for them.. at the same time taking their money or even their cards and emptying the bank accounts.šŸ˜”


Justified Radge
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We really will see the best and worst of people.

But this is ... incomprehensible. Makes you want to lynch the fuckers.

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Green juventine

Bounce Radge
It is disgusting how the depth some people can sink to we all need to be vigilant in these testing times and help one another were possible.
I must be honest here the urge to jump on the bandwagon and panic buy has been tempting especially when you see the empty shelves.
BUT we havenā€™t we have shopped as normal were possible and last night I noticed that the previously empty shelves had a few items left on them. Maybe the message is slowly getting through to people or maybe I just was lucky.
Stringing up these low life scum who are ripping the most vulnerable people off is too good for them. We should round them up put them all in a pen and throw in a bog roll and watch them rip each other apart ....then string them up!!!!!
Please excuse my attempt at humour in that last sentence.
Be responsible and stay safe for our own sake and for the sake of the more vulnerable. ā¤šŸ‘šŸ¼
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