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Leith Walk tram line extension blocked by the SNP


Bounce Radge
This is an excellent point, Edinburgh has a great bus service, more limited stop buses (maybe paint them green) is a a more cost effective solution.
I think you'll find the changes to LRT services that came into force at the start of last month did just that, but without painting them green.

On a related transportation issue at the same time the times the bus lanes are in force changed. I think they're all now only peak times.

Does this mean the anti car council have finally admitted they originally got it wrong? I wonder when they'll apologise to the 100s of thousands inconvenienced by years of intransigence.

Sunshine on Leith

The full Council will vote on this issue shortly. It was a member of the Finance and Resources Committee who told me that he/she was the only person on it to argue against Compulsory redundancy. Others both Labour and SNP did not and does not bode well. Hopefully the demo and threat of industrial action has concentrated some minds. It's false to imply that it was Nat Councillors that exclusively voted not to privatise Facility Management last month or other services two years ago G. As the Scotsman reported at the time.....''

''PLANS to outsource services supplied by Edinburgh City Council’s maintenance, catering and porter staff to save tens of millions of pounds were abandoned yesterday after SNP and Labour councillors put aside party differences to vote them down.

The two parties, along with Green Party councillors, supported an amendment to abandon the transfer of integrated facilities management services to a private firm.''

What I do now is that the same Council has been starved of £190,000,000 since the introduction of the Council Tax freeze. As Unison correctly points out.....''The Scottish Government claims that the council tax freeze is “vital lifeline to hard pressed Scots”. This is not the case. The freeze disproportionally benefits the wealthy; while charges are being increased and services cut''

This is worth a read Big G

A very public victory | Scottish Left Review


Interesting Sir Tom previously against the trams is now pro extension.
Call me a cynic but he probably has a vested interest in the form of a piece of potential development land on the route.


Bounce Radge
Interesting Sir Tom previously against the trams is now pro extension.
To be honest I'm the same. 1,699 days late and counting.

Despite assurances from the council over everything to do with the trams, cost, time, disruption etc. as soon as they put it in TIEs hands I smelled a rat as did many others. There's still a stench.

Given that all the utility works have been done, bodies found and moved, I'm hoping it will be a quick and painless project to deliver. Again with all that done and no hidden sink holes for funding it should come in on budget.

The people of Leith lost local businesses, a shit load of their own personal time in delays and hundreds lost a few hundred quid in compulsory work stemming from the tram works. I think they're owed what they've paid the price for.
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