Leeann Dempster leaving? Confirmed


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Maybe had an offer elsewhere? She’s been there a while so was bound to leave at some point. The worry is that they make the wrong choice with the replacement ....


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I think she did her job here.
If she leaves then all power to her, won the cup under her watch, good enough for me.

As for Ron's lad... nae idea, but if he's to action his dad's plans for improving us then at least we can't argue he's a non existing owner.

Let's see where it goes. We all knew she wouldn't be here forever once Ron came in.
Half of the Bounce thought she would've been away just as he came in the door.


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Not surprised, with Rons takeover I'm sure he has different ideas in that department.
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Clearly nobody knows much at all, perhaps an SFA post teaming up with Rod? A move to her girlhood club? Who knows.
No matter I wish her nothing but good luck. She will go down in Hibernian folklore along with Sir David, Alan Stubbs et al. I personally will always fall at the feet of Stubbs, Leeann and Greig Mailer for their generosity of both material and spiritual help to a dying son.



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Not totally surprised but think it has more to do with Rod than Leanne...wonder 8f his sons will bring cheerleaders and american hot dogs