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I’ve heard this brought up with football department before.
Of recent we’ve went with 3 strikers as the 4th choice will rarely (if ever) get played - Shaw as 3rd choice just now proves that a little.
Shaw fits as 3rd choice (talent, experience and budget) and pushing to be 2nd if not more. If you were to move him down to 4th you would limit his development chances to near nil and might consider loaning him out (thus back to 3).

I kinda get it but you’re a signing misjudgement, major injury or complete collapse in form from leaving yerself way short on what’s needed to win games.
Thanks for the clearing that up, tells me a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes. We went in to Europe playing with two forwards and only one replacement last year and it was a disaster. I don’t agree with saying a player is third choice or forth choice, they should all be on the same level. We should have had another forward this season. Oli Shaw while may come good, hasn’t shown he’s good enough at this level. Relying on him to come off the bench and make an impact really isn’t going to happen. I really shows a lack of vision and incompetence by those in charge.

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