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To me, him appearing at Easter Rd again would be immense. Of those living ex stars from my era i.e. mid 80s onwards, Sauzee, Keef and Ivan would be those I'd most like to see back. Even willibg to forgive wee Russell for his wee aberrations to give him a welcome back. Mon Hibs, make it happen soon!


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Hasn’t been interested previously and reportedly blanked a few attempts to get him back over the many years since he left.

He should make a few quid from the signed memorabilia that’s been agreed so made sense to try and get him for Hanlon Stevenson Foundation event/s.

Good luck to him, sure there will be plenty of interest.

Chester Perry

Bounce Radge
Anyone else got this?


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Imagine the noise with Sauzeeeee, theres only one.....


Bounce Radge
Anyone else got this?

I'm really sorry, but the Hibs number 4 always has belonged, and always will belong, to one man alone in my mind - Pat Stanton.

Mind you, Franck Sauzee wisnae that bad a player. I quite enjoyed watching him. ?
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