Labour and Big Business talking heads


Bounce Radge
The lassie that has just taken the huge salary from bet365 is apparently a big labour supporter. Not entirely relevant to the thread but I found it interesting.

I'm always faintly surprised that she apparently takes her payment as a salary. Is it because she feels she should pay the fair maximum amount of tax on it? If so - despite how she makes it and the grotesque amount - I suppose that's quite laudable.

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
Bounce Radge
This is classic old school Cowshed and a brilliant read.
Just wish I was clever enough to participate.?


Bounce Radge
I was quite left wing in my youth. However, soon realised that Labour would never get elected unless it became much more social democratic. Under Neil Kinnock it did and although he couldn't get elected. He left a legacy that meant John Smith would have and Tony Blair made them the natural party of government. I wanted Blair to be more radical but I was happy to not have a Tory government. The Blair government did a lot of good. Today though we see the left within Labour happy to trash that Labour government. The truth is they loathe that government more than any Tory government. They'd rather have a Tory government than a compromise Labour government. And for that the left betray the working class of the UK.
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