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KP update - November


Bounce Radge
Afternoon all,

November quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update on 1st November.

I mentioned in that update that I was unhappy to hear lots of Hibs fans were disengaged or disappointed. We needed positive change and our charge up the league (unbeaten) and lots of communication from the club in November is fantastic.
We all ken Football is a mad game and the Hibs rollercoaster is wild at times. Keep persevering and shouting up if there is anything I can do.

The support played their part in November and I noticed Jack Ross and Ryan Porteous strongly backed that in interviews in during the month. Noise and backing at pinch points in games not to be underestimated.


Lots to call out this month.

Club update - Ron Gordon -
Club update - Leeann Dempster -
Club update - Graeme Mathie -

KP - Some barry insight in all those interviews.

KP - We all collectively want the best for Hibs and it’s really important to respect every Hibs fan and employee (player or staff) that represents Hibernian

I thought this interview was great - When Darren met Darren - WHEN DARREN MET DARREN!

Excellent -
Just utterly barry - __________________________

We’ve all been working together with the club and what we’ve been flagging has produced positive change.

Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Club communication on the 7th of November from Ron, Leeann and Graeme have landed very well with the support.
KP - More to come

– Look at initiatives to continue to foster stronger and deeper relationships with the support.
KP – Something I can look at for us but always good to work together

This doesn’t mean other important long-standing points flagged again recently - tannoy, catering, toilets - aren’t still on the pad. Still there and working towards improvement.

As always, Hibs fans are barry – the dedication and commitment by Helping Hands Edinburgh to organise the Foodbank collection next week against The Sheep is brilliant. Remember to get involved.



Gamechanger, the Public Social Partnership set up by the Club, the Hibernian Community Foundation and NHS Lothian, is still running in the FF Almond Suite and West Stand with a number of Partners.

Cyrenian’s is one of those partners. Home - Cyrenians

This charity supports people excluded from family, home, work or community on their life journey. One of the ways they do that is with Hibernian and NHS Lothian at Easter Road stadium - providing free lunches weekly
Historic link - Cyrenians provide over 600 free lunches in partnership with Hibernian - Cyrenians

I’ve sent over a small donation today to ensure they keep up the good work they do in Partnership with our club

This is what it feels like to be Hibs.




Everyone get right behind Hibs in December. It’s a tough month but we can make the difference.

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