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Tickets Kicks For Kids Season Ticket Fundraiser 2019-20


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Since 2013, over £72,000 has been donated by our wonderful fans and 912 KfK STs have been purchased, meaning many more children - who wouldn't normally have the chance - can attend games and join our family. It's now time for the upcoming season's fundraiser and if you'd like to donate (and there's no minimum amount), here's how:

Payment can be made on a one-off basis by PayPal (leithlinks@live.co.uk), bank transfer, cheque or if you are able, by monthly Standing Order or Direct Debit. For example, £6.25 per month will purchase one Kicks for Kids season ticket outright but any amount is welcome.

Please PM me or email
leithlinks@live.co.uk for more details and contributors can also nominate specific *groups who they think would benefit from tickets and Hibs will contact them.

There are many people I would like to thank for their support as this wonderful story would be nothing without our fans, including those who have donated already:

  • All the fans who donate by either Direct Debit/Standing Order or make one-off payments (donations from 22 people equal £230 per month currently)
  • St. Patrick's branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association
  • Milton Mowbray branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association
  • Watermans Legal

Also, to everyone who has provided assistance, financial backing or words of encouragement - I am extremely grateful. Thanks to everyone on the Bounce also for allowing the threads and for continually backing the cause. GGTTH.

*************************************So far, £2,935 has been donated which equals 39 tickets

*Thank you letters from the charities and groups who have previously received KfK tickets can be found here:


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£80 from the Boots Raffle with a week to go..

Lets round that up too £100

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