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Tickets *****Kicks for Kids Season Ticket Fundraiser 20-21*****


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*****Kicks for Kids Season Ticket Fundraiser 20-21*****

In these uncertain times, our team needs our support more than ever and to that end, 57 KfK STs have been purchased = *£4,845 to Hibs :sm127: Whilst being well aware that not everyone is in a position to contribute, or even what shape next season will take, it felt like the time was right to launch next season's fundraiser and to do something positive :50:
Since 2013, 1,047 KfK STs have been purchased and if you would like to read about the difference they make to children's lives, please see here: https://leithlinks4kids.com/social-media/feedback/ That amount of tickets also means £79,095 has been donated to Hibs - by the fans - which is a remarkable amount :sm023:
IF you would like to contribute, and no matter the amount, you can do so by PayPal (leithlinks@live.co.uk), bank transfer or cheque - whichever way is easiest for you. Thanks, as ever, to everyone who has supported the fund over the years and to the Bounce for allowing all of the various fundraisers
*Please note: Hibs have increased the price of the tickets (the first time since 2002) from £75 to £85.
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We are looking for users to donate to reach our shortfall of £100 per month to pay for the server, we realise that users may not be able to with this nasty virus, but if can, it would be very much appriecated ? We have had some cancellations on Direct Debits sadly. If you wish to set up a DD then please do so via the UPGRADES section. Stay Safe, The Bounce.
This donation drive ends in
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