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Just Back (from youtube) and we weren't good enough


Bounce Radge
Missing the just backs so I thought I would post one from the game I simmed on YouTube. You can watch it here if you don't want spoilers before I spoil it below:

We defended too deep, didn't get in to them at all and on another day could have been a few down by half time. Too many players hiding and not enough in the way of attacking intent when we did get the ball.

The Team:
Rocky - Didn't have much to do till the goal which he had no chance for. Distribution is quite realistic in the game, in that he's not good at it.

McGinn - Pass marks, did well in taking the ball off Griffiths and Edouard and kept his position well.
Hanlon - Didn't see him much, missed a couple of headers from corners and seemed to do his job in defence.
Jackson - a bomb scare in the first half, didn't see him much in the second

Stevenson - Struggled against forrest and is too slow on the ball. Made a few decent passes though
Boyler - Didn't use his pace and panicked a little early doors.
Docherty - Didn't see much of him but was solid when you saw him
Slivka - Usual nothing performance.
Allan - Played well, looked like he wanted to be up there and seemed to want to score.

Doidge - Played well in the rare occasion we had the ball in an attacking position. Could have done better with his chance at the end.
McNulty - Didn't do enough. Loses the ball too easily

Referee - Was he on the pitch? They have the scottish referees down to a tee on the game.

Opposition - controlled the game and we gave them way too much respect in the first half. As usual went to pieces when we started to get some momentum but we didn't do enough with it.

It was nice to watch a game from the ugly sisters with no secterian chanting. Was not nice to get beat by them even on a game though.

According to the league as I have been playing it we are still in 6th but level with St johnstone on points and they have the game in hand to play against the zombies. Scottish Football's League Table nail biting stuff.
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