Just back and that was underwhelming


Bounce Radge
That was a lose lose game for us really.

We won which is all that matters in knock out tournaments.

That said, it is frightening how flimsy our defence is.


Bounce Radge
Some people think we were outthought and outfought.Others thought it wasnae that blowy.It's my contention that we did fine considering the conditions and the pitch.It was blowy, rainy and sunny all at once and if you had 100% possesion with no threats at goal it wouldnae be a game of football.We won quite easily in a game not easy on the eye and I doubt very much that'll be the lineup on Wednesday.We're in the cup other teams arnae.


Bounce Radge
I'm going to throw something out there that probably won't be popular and also preface I didn't see the game. But when you know you have it in the bag, I'd rather players back off or fade a bit out of the game and don't give 100% so they don't burn themselves out and risk injury. I don't really care what the scoreline is and would rather it be 4-1 and players remain intact then win 8-0 with two injuries.
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