Just back and that was underwhelming


Sorry, that was rotten. usual rules apply, I was in a wind and rain swept gazebo in Alloa, and don't have the benefit of reruns, differing camera angles and heat! Too may Hibs players did not try hard enough, disrespected a decent 5th Division club and looked half arsed. Stevie Mallan sat in amongst us, he would not have bene impressed and I am sure will be telling a few of his team mates what us fans think of them.

The back three first half looked to be struggling, I felt BSC utilised the wind better than Hibs the whole game, which is dreadful. We were a bit bitter second half when Whitts joined the back three, but it was poor viewing. The constant roll out from Rocky to Paul Paul Lewis and laterly Whitts didnae work, as all four of them struggle to do anything with it, first half Steph Omeonga tidied up their mess regularly, Indeed only Steph and Sparky looked like they could be arsed first half, Docherty picked up second half and the introduction of Fraser Murray, Melker Hallberg and Jamie Gullan improved the otherwise dire Hibs performance.

I blame the tactics and shape, its clear Jack Ross is a conservative manager, we should been thumping BSC, we never once looked like we would, were set up to do so or worst of all, wanted to. We let them score, Lewis having to mark three of them at the set peice that they scored from?

Summary was that was a half arsed effort, although the 4-1 win suggests otherwise, and must Hibs fans in attendance left feeling disgruntled, wet and cold.

The team...

Rocky must have been told to roll it to the backies, as he kept doing it all game, it was boring and led to very little.

Paul McGInn was given a torrid time by their wide left player, Tam the Postman, don't think he enjoyed playing as a third centre half first half.

Paul struggled with their big striker, Boab the Brickie, all game, the pissing about between Paul, Paul, Lewis and latterly Whitts drove me crackers.

Lewis is not and will never be a centre back.

Whitts played centre mid first half and centre half second half. He may just have been our best player, which says it all.

Greg Docherty seen plenty of the ball for the first hour but offered very little, other than his two assists. He sparked into life last twently and looked much more like himself, playing a good part in his his goal which came from excellent football by Gullan, Sparky and Docherty. He really enjoyed scoring his goal, which is great to see.

Steph Omeonga was the only midfielder who really wanted it, so we took him off after 70 minutes.

Daryll Horgan would have been as well sitting in the gazebo with Stevie Mallan and the Hibs fans, he couldnae beat Jimmy the Jiner.

Boyler too was a waste of a starting place, he offered very little and their left back, Davie the Doorman had an easy day of it. Another one who should have been sitting beside Stevie and us.

Chris Doidge was honking, missed a sitter and could nae get a goal against their keeper, Shagger the PE Teacher. Imagine rounding the goalie and hitting the side netting. He should have a riddy after that performance. Rank rotten, another one for the stand no the pitch today.

The Subs

Fraser came on for Horgan after an hour, when out left he offered very little, however when he was moved right with ten to go he was very good and got himself involved.

Melker replaced Steph with 20 to go and again influenced an improved performance as it encouraged Docherty to get further forward.

Jamie Gullan replaced Boyler for the last ten and gave more than Boyler had in 80 minutes for me.

The Management

I get why we started with a three, conditions, injuries, pitch etc, I get why we kept the ball on the ground and try to pass our way up the pitch. I dinnae get why the second half four kept doing the same thing, it was eye bleeding, boring pish to watch.

BSC gave us a game, and done very well given their limitations. I hope the enjoy bumper pay day. Interesting one of the defnders felt it appropriate to call the Hibs fans spoon burners. More interesting the linesman did nothing about it. Smart wee programme too!

The referee was hopeless, error strewn all game.

Around 1800 Hibs fans there, decent turn out for a terrible day, live on cooncil telly game in a shite hole. I was glad to get home.

Man of the match for a poor game was either Sparky McNulty for his hattrick or Roger Whittaker for his all round good performance. Its Whitts for me but I am glad that is over, it was rotten.

Next up, Ross County on Wednesday night at Easter Road, I hope we play better than we did today?

Hibernian Forever!
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Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Best thing about the game, apart from the goals, was that the deluge and gale force winds didnt materialise. Still a bit blowy but no excuse for such a poor disjointed performance against the thumpers of Trumpton FC.

But we're through to the last 8 which is what its all about. But it was another 90 minutes thinking Jack Ross aint my type of manager. He'll bore us to death grinding out results against crap opposition and couldnae pick his own nose.

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
That's pretty much how it looked on my telly box in Glasgow too.

Didn't think Whitts was quite as good as you but he was struggling to make up for a lot of his teammates errors, so perhaps he looked more out of position that he might have otherwise.

Also didn't think Doidge was that bad either, other than one horrendous error of judgement after he rounded the keeper.

Can't argue with much else. Great report.


Watched it on the tele. Thought Omeonga & Docherty both played well, and McNulty looked really sharp.

McGinn and Stevenson were rank, absolutely rank. Hanlon wasn’t much better, yet Whittaker strolled it. James must be worth a go at left back? He looked decent there early in the season, and Stevenson just isn’t at the races, he probably needs taken out the side.

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
But we're through to the last 8 which is what its all about. But it was another 90 minutes thinking Jack Ross aint my type of manager. He'll bore us to death grinding out results against crap opposition and couldnae pick his own nose.
I'll wait until he has his own players before making my judgement.

I'd be conservative with our defence too.
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Wheat Hound

Radgie, Gadgie, Onion Badgie Radge
Bounce Radge
Agree it was a really flat, half aortic-valved performance. Certain players such as Horgan, Boyle and Doidge gave an impression they just didnt fancy the pitch/weather/aggressive opponents which was disappointing to see.

However, we are through fairly comfortably and that's all that really matters.

Was also really pleased to see the real joy and enthusiasm from Docherty after his goal. Think some greeness might be diluting the staunchness.

Ive seen enough signs of attacking intent from Jack Ross so far (15 goals in 7 games since returning from winter break. Compare that to Aberdeens 1 goal in the same period, a pen v Dumbarton). I agree we will only get a true impression next season post the summer window, after which I think we will look very different (and possibly be minus a legend or 2).

Daddy 'O' Hibee

The Hibee Radge
Bounce Radge
Agree totally with the just back, I'm not keen on criticising Hibs players, tend to hold back a bit. But that was woeful, we are slow and slack with passing along the back line, never looked keen enough for the second balls. I feel the draw has tempered my anger a bit but we really have to improve. Get yourselves warmed up with a glass of vino. Thanks. GGTTH


Bounce Radge
Accurate appraisal as ever Mark.
And I have to say I found reading your report considerably more entertaining than the match itself.
Shagger the P.E. teacher indeed ??


Bounce Radge
Pretty much agree with all of it, apart from I thought Omeonga was very poor.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
As some one who watches a lot of this league, BSC are a good side who at their best are competitive with league 1 on a one off. I would guess most of their players have come through academies and gone part time in their early twenties. The standard is probably similar to the majority of our academy output - the ones who are going to be freed in the summer.

Our first win in 90 minutes on plastic this season.

we’re through, comfortably.

I’m not sure the game tells us a lot though.


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
Weirdly, that was what the STD fans were singng to him everytime he got the ball!
I'm sure the commentator said he was a goalkeeping coach at Celtic, I might have misheard. :unsure:


Bounce Radge
Thanks for that Mark
Cannae argue with any of that.
Watching on the telly box I thought the wind played a major part in the quality of the game and was a real leveller between the teams.
Boyle had his worst game for us.
Plus points were Omeonga and Docherty (last 10) along with a very hungry Sparky !
Doidge was decent too !
Maybe we shouldn’t underestimate a team that’s playing us that really Cannae loose ?
At the end of the day we’re in the next round against ICT at home !
Happy with that


**** The Hearts
I'm sure the commentator said he was a goalkeeping coach at Smellies..., I might have misheard. :unsure:
Heard it also Billy, though their fans are right too. Two or three jobs. If you include BSC.

Ryan Marshall
Goalkeeping Coach at Celtic F.C., ex-professional football player, elite performance football coach
Celtic Football Club......The University of Stirling



Justified Radge
Bounce Radge
I'd be conservative with our defence too.
I think this is a bigger problem than most folk give credit to. @Green Sleeves wants us to be swashbuckling every week, but the reality is that if I was playing middle to front in that side, I wouldn't trust the back four to be solid either. I genuinely think this is bleeding through the whole team, and Ross is trying to manage it.

As another poster has said, we're scoring goals - I would hardly call us "conservative". But the fact is, we concede virtually every game we play, and every side, be they 5th tier or Premier League, will fancy getting goals against us. And I'd wager that the anxiety about losing goals is right in all our players' heads.

A lot has been said about Liverpool's full-backs bombing on with gay abandon, for instance, because they feel totally secure that Van Dijk and Gomez won't make mistakes. Basically, attacking verve is always built on defensive solidity.

The absolute No:1 priority in the summer simply has to be signing a commanding, first-choice centre-half. We are obviously not going to get a Van Dijk, but someone who is a leader and will imbue everyone with a bit of confidence at the back is an absolute must. He must also be a signing, not a loan.


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
Heard it also Billy, though their fans are right too. Two or three jobs. If you include BSC.

Ryan Marshall
Goalkeeping Coach at Smellies... F.C., ex-professional football player, elite performance football coach
Smellies... Football Club......The University of Stirling

Cheers Big G, wisnae sure.


Bounce Radge
I thought the team set out to do just enough, avoiding injuries and bookings, to get through. It wasn't pretty but it was achieved.

The commentators were going on quite a bit about Docherty. To start with it was all very positive about how he was a hun playing well. But I got the impression later on he is in the last chance saloon at his parent club and those commentators didn't think too much of his chances of staying there.
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