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Just back and that was total shite....


I agree, looks the best of a bad bunch. Still don’t think he’s any improvement on Porto or Hanlon. Though Hanlon has started to drop his performances over the past 12 months.
I’ve only seen him twice so it’s hard to say for sure, but I have a feeling Jackson & Porteous could be our best pairing at the back.

Hanlon hasn’t been the same since his last injury. He looks to have lost some mobility, especially on the turn. McGregor is also on the decline.


Bounce Radge
only problem is we'd still be stuck with the players
True, but we can wait to sack him and then lose a whole year as opposed to rebuilding from January window. And there is always a chance that a better manager with a better understanding of the Scottish game would get more out of the existing squad.

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Bounce Radge
The conditions were awful but as always same for both sides.

Cannot express how hacked off I am tonight.
I'm hacked off but feeling worry. We've got a manager that is fast losing confidence of the majority of the support. And that has signed utter dross. Who tells us that's the budget spent. Furthermore we are now owned by an American who hasn't convinced me of just why he wants to own us....


Bounce Radge
I am sorry for the bad language :), but nothing else describes the performance, the team, the tactics, the effort or the shape. High press, high fucking press, its an urban myth, it does not exist, you made it up Heckingbottom, you are trying to kid 20,000 kidders mate. Work in progress he keeps saying, aye we are progressing backwards at a rate of knots, its no working. Hibs are boring to watch, predictable, gutless and the new signings, with the exception of the excellent Scott Allan, well they are duffers. I won't pick on them alone, some well kent faces gave us very little today and if it had not been for the absolute brilliance of Ofir Marciani, it could have been double figures. Ken what is worse, whilst the Huns are far better than Hibs, they are no really that good. Their 36 year old striker ran our 29 and 34 year old ragged, but then I felt we have not looked very fit all pre season, today showed it, the Huns walked and ran all over us for 75 minutes, after playing on Thursday night.

First the team, why in fucks name was Doidge played instead of Flo, I read it may be because he holds the ball up better, sweet Suazee, its goals we need, ye dinnae win games holding the ball up. As for Newell, he is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Two words that help describe him, languid and turgid, I have a third, fourth, fifth and sixth. HE IS FUCKING RUBBISH. Josh Vela, as soft as a skitter after a bad curry, couldnae tackly a fish supper and as slow as a week in Saughton. That is the quality we have brought in. For me players from the english lower leagues rarely cut it, especially ones who have not played the Scottish game, they are off the pace want to much time on the ball and have the heart of a mouse. Nae passion, nae fight, nae wee digs, shiting out of tackles, or not tackling at all. I iwll add to this Heckingbottom, does he think he is too good for us? Tell you what, as things stand, he is not good enough for me. Cheeky bastards, treating our club and our fans like we are fucking idiots.

The tactics, its piss poor. we have no midfield, well when I say we don't have one that can compete, Vela, then Mallan in front of him, then Allan in front of him then Horgan crying out for the ball and Newell hiding, doing as little as he can get away with. That started in the warm up, I watched it happen, the shirking bastard. It was so clear even Hecky noticed and hooked him at half time, we started the second half with 11 men for the first time in the game, but even then Fraser Murray was asked to play wide left?????? Wisnae long til we were back down to 10 and the roof fell in.

We used to go the Hunnery with a bit of swagger under Stubbsy and Neil, they got it, they hated the Huns like the rest of us, we came home with a result. Now we go there, play statistics, numbers, percentages and respect for the opposition. But get pumped 6 - 1. Stupid.

As ever the Hibs fans turned up and noised up the Huns, pity our team didnae care like we do, pity the management team don't understand the passion that comes with being a football fan, Stubbs and Lennon did, this pair will review it and count how many times the Hibs fans outsung the Huns and tell us we could do better, but its a support in the making. Its all about percentages. Deary fucking me.

The positives, 900 Hibs fans who only gave up when the Huns scored the 4th, Ofir Marciano, who was superb, that Scott Allan pass for our goal, the way Daryll slotted home past the lady batterer, that is about our. We done ok for five minutes leading up to half time and for the 10 minutes after, the other 75, we got skelped, the Huns pulled down our breeks and skelped our arses. That is never acceptable Heckingbottom, never.

No more signings, that means we are short of players, the changes showed that today. I hope he really does not think we are in a good place, he has what he wants, because he does not have what we want. We got pumped and as I said at the top of this summary, ot could have been a lot more, Marciano was outstanding.

The Team

Rocky was superb, he kept it unrespectable, it could have been horrific, was man of the match but a million miles.

Whitts again was probably our best outfielder player, what is worse though is that whilst he was, he still had an error strewn game but that probably tells you more about his team mates.

Daz had a torrid time against Defore then the Cabbage Patch Hun.

Paul had a torrid time against Defore then the Cabbage Patch Hun.

SMackie was sent off when we are still in th egame, stupid laddie. I felt heart sorry for him first half with that useless twat Newell in front of him.

Newell, I would not care if he never played for Hibs again. He is a liability. He is neither languid, he is certainly turgid, he is also no where near good enough for Hibernian.

Vela, if that is what a defensive midfielder does in the Championship, christ it must be pish down there. My auld Mum would have brought more to Hibernian's game today, at least she cares about Hibs.

Mallan, well I felt he tried, it must be hard work in a mess of a midfield like that, he too gets pass marks for trying and looking like he gave a shite.

Allan struggled, that shape doesn't help Scott, playing with two widemen and one striker restricts his options. A beautiful, not wonderous pass for our goal. He too gets pass marks from me. I worry though, he has been hurt and its a sore one.

Horgan too gave his all, scored a good goal and would hav ebeen frustrated to have to go after Mackie was sent off. I felt he gave the Huns some trouble.

Doidge, well imagine playing a man who's amin skill is holding the ball up or kniocking it down? To who for fuck sake. Play him as a twosome with Flo, or dinnae play him at all.

The Subs

Fraser Murray replaced the garbage Newell, then had to play wide left, he hasd no hcnace to influence the game there. Sweet Sauzee.

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal, in that final, on the day he captained Hibernian to that Scottish Cup win, done ok after fillling in for Smackie and replacing Horgan. I would start him next week and stick Whitts at left back.

Flo came on an hour plus too late to put two up front v the Huns, at the Hunnery, with us losing 2-1 and down to 10 men. And you wonder why I am questioning Heckingbottom. Fitba suicide and we paid the price.

The management team

Personally, as a rash, impassioned, knee jerk, fitba fans reaction, I would fire the both of you for letting my fitba team go downhill so fast that we lose 6 - 1 to the Huns, a fe wmontsh after we owned them, you pair of fucking idiots. That wont happen but its fair to say I am firmly back in the Leeds United fans camp, that wa clueless. Today counjoured up terrible memories of Butcher, Williamson, Calderwood and Fenlon. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

They are unpicking the good work of Stubbs and Lennon, they are ensure that fans stop going, they are chasing us away, we do not want to wathch that shite, its not good enough, its not what we, Hibernian FC, the fans and our club are about, sort it out or ship out. That is aimed not only at the manager and his team but Dempster, Ron Gordon, the silent new owners background team and the Board of Directors. Th esignings are shite, we are worse than we were at the end of the season and their is nothing, nothing at all to suggest we will improve.

The Referee, well nae hiding his Hun allegiances, his linesman was the biggest cheat of the day though. He was not the reason we lost today. Hibs and the management team managed that all on their own.

The Huns, fuck them, each and every one of them, their scumbag fans, their club, their bigotry, *&*^ the lot of them.

Our Fans

As I said above, Hibernian do not deserve their fans, dinnae forget WE are Hibernian FC. Well done Sisters and Brothers, we'll support you ever more.

Man of the Match

Ofir Marciano, still the best goalkeeper in Scotland. Thank you, you were brilliant.

See you next week, although if you didnae go, I would understand.

Hibernian Forever!
@Power please get this on the gaffer's desk on Monday. He may disagree with it but he needs to know that 1875 is the most reliable poster there is and if he's feeling like this then it's a fair representation (I know you know that anyway).

I'm really not a bed wetter and I love his interviews, he sounds like a great man manager. But coming out with chat about the high press when I've seen no such thing, even against lower league opposition, just makes mugs of us all.


Bounce Radge
Terrible result and performance....it's in the past.
We move on to the Morton game next week-end and let's make sure we get through to the League Cup quarter-finals.


Bounce Radge
This is not a knee jerk reaction on my behalf. Good few hours to think since the final whistle and going by various supporters thoughts.

My thoughts are I’ve not been impressed by us at all so far this season whether that’s been in pre season/league cup. His signings thus far have been poor (Allan aside - not his signing). I’ve yet to think aye he’s got a good one there with any of the players brought in. I’m not having this time to settle nonsense either. He constantly tinkers with the lineup and that doesn’t help either. The High tempo chat, well you can simply put that to bed anaw. No evidence of that at all thus far - more pish.

Today’s result was a disgrace, a sackable offence alone. What worries me is where do we go from here? He’s mentioned there would likely be no more signings Middleton aside?. Worrying but then again I’d be more worried to give him any more funds between now and close of the window to spunk considering what he’s already brought in!

To the 900 plus hibees that went through to witness that performance, I salute you, as ever. You should be compensated in some way or form from the club for what you had to watch and be subjected too.

Pissed off is an understatement after today’s result. Jury is well and truly out for me.

Time to step up PH.


get off yer bum an sing radge
Bounce Radge
For financial reason, and because I am working most Saturdays/weekends right now, I did not renew my ST this season and neither did my son for similar reasons. So least 2 of us didn't stop because of the lack of signings. However. if this is how the season is going it will be the best decision I have made this year,

True, it could be turned around...after all even Eddie Turnbull's team in the first year got a couple of whippings. Of course that was by a very on form sellik team who were winning pretty much everything back then. And I can see that sevco has improved their squad and that there was every chance of a defeat there, as unfortunately they are playing the way we hoped we would be! But 6-1!!! come on, that should never have happened.

I dunno where our team is going...finally after years of low supporter numbers we were getting used to being between 15 and 20k every game! But more performances like this and we will be back down to 10k or less.

I have my doubts Hecky can turn this around, or that the players can turn it around, but we will see. I hope they do. I doubt an American owner who is probably ruthless in business will tolerate it for long. It's not looking good.
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Bounce Radge
Not felt this dispondent about Hibs for many years. The majority of the new signings are meh. Going to be a long hard season. Two games in and my enthusiasm for the season is severely waining. We don't have a decent forward player in the squad. We will compete with the rest of the league but won't lay a glove on the Glasgow two. Going backwards, and quickly.

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Terrible result and performance....it's in the past.
We move on to the Morton game next week-end and let's make sure we get through to the League Cup quarter-finals.
Doesn't feel like its in the past. Feels very much here and now and where we're at as a club. Today we saw the future under Hecky and most fans aren't liking it one little bit. Finding it hard to give a shit about the rest of the season with Hecky at the broken wheel.


Bounce Radge
Was never a sending off, the ball hit Mackie on the shoulder! How could the referee have a clear view of that! Hibs were shite but being down to 10 didn't help matters. Back to being mediocre Hibs it seems....
That's bollocks he stuck his hand up.


Bounce Radge
Thanks for the report..you must've felt like sacking it off after that performance.

We look timid, passive, unfit with too many players who are clearly not good enough or have past their best or usefulness.

Tactically I cant think of any formation that would suit us as we look so unbalanced. I'd get rid of Heckingbottom now..he is the antithesis of what it means to be Hibs..in the same category as that useless *&*^ Calderwood.

Let's face it Dempster doesn't admit to her mistakes so we face a dour immediate future while Heckingbottom bores his way to a move to a League 2 side down South. She wont take any action that paints her in an unfavourable light imo.

What a mess.

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Almost Jambo like with Budge and Leveine.


Bounce Radge
Not felt this dispondent about Hibs for many years. The majority of the new signings are meh. Going to be a long hard season. Two games in and my enthusiasm for the season is severely waining. We don't have a decent forward player in the squad. We will compete with the rest of the league but won't lay a glove on the Glasgow two. Going backwards, and quickly.
I am not convinced we will compete with the rest of the league. On current evidence we will struggle to avoid the relegation zone. Our only bright lights are Allan and to a lesser extent Kamberi, so our margin for any sort of success relies on them remaining fit....!

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Bounce Radge
That's bollocks he stuck his hand up.
He stuck his shoulder out and his arm followed through. For what it's worth I think we'd have still been humped even if he'd stayed on. Mackie is another one that isn't as good as we first thought. Too many flaws in his game.
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