Just back and that was frankly poor


Hibs, Hibs, Hibs, Hibs, that was not good enough. Saints played well, they are a good football team, but have nothing up front, yet we gave them two goals. We carried three or four players tonight, I would drop them all. We also subbed one of two of our best midfielders, whilst leaving the chancers on, work that one on out?

It was a good, open game, as I said they are a good team, we can be too, but not tonight. I reckon Paul Hanlon started with an injury he knew he had, he was rotten right up until he went off. Daz came on a done fine for a man a yard slow. Porto was pretty poor too, way too many mistakes. Paul McGinn is a glint of good in a lump of very average shite, two goals and some desire. My nephew reckoned his passing was off, I would say the players he passed to were.

At half time I phone the Leith Polis, and reported Mallan, Newell, Nisbet and Boyle missing, I phoned with 10 to go to add that Doidge too was missing. The polis asked I call back in 48 hours as all five had been seen in the HIbs changing room at half time, four hiding, one crying out for a good pass.

As I said, positives was Super Paul's two goals, Sean Mackie did well, given he was his own on the left much of the game, Murph had 60 smashing minutes, Gogic stopped them somewhat, we took him off and looked poor without him and the goalie lost two goals with very little to do???? We are a decent top six club, nothing more.

The team....

Rocky, very little to do, lost two goals.

Paul McGinn, no much defending to do and scored two gooals.

Ryan Porteous, way too many mistakes for me.

Paul Hanlon, should not of started, he was error strewn when on then went off hurt.

Sean Mackie, I felt done well and is settling in fine.

Alex Gogic should not have gone off, he was working well behind the invisible men Newell and Mallan.

Newell, sorry offered nothing all game, was awful.

Mallan, he was worse than Newell, in both positions he played.

Boyle, one good move is not enough, rotten, drop him.

Murph, excellent most of the game, tried very hard and looks a player?

Nissie, looked lost and alone with no service, waste of a good player.

The subs

Daz for Paul after 20 minutes, a yard slow and partly at fault at one goal, but ok.

Doidge for Gogic after 55 minutes, why? Gogic was doing fine, and Doidge is back in his useless Heckingbottom days. Waste of a substitution and did not link up with Nissie.

Jamie Gullan for Nissie with 10 to go, if you wish to make a change like that give the laddie a chance to do something.

The Boss

Jack spoke on the radio, he reckoned we showed character and looked a threat? Mmmm? When exactly? Hanlon ripped his tights, will be back for next league game. He praised Murph, rightly so and he reckons he just needs a run of games, I agree. Best wide, again I agree. He reckons we have not had too many draws at home, sorry Jack, we have. He thinks good season so far, I say, good enough, could have been much much better. I do find us a wee bit boring.

St Johnstone

A good team with good players, playing good football on a much smaller budget than us. Who is getting this wrong at Hibs? Couldnae score in a brother yet two mistakes gave them two goals.

The Ref

The lanky streak of ppish was fine.

Man of the Match

Would have been Murph but for two excellent goals from Super Paul McGinn. Well done Paul.

Next up is Dundee in the league cup on Saturday at 3pm. Not too many changes Jack, but if you do, drop Mallan and Boyle, they were pish tonight.

Hibernian Forever!


Just A Radge
I agree with your Just back.To many passengers .I honestly don’t think Ross has the answers.


New radge
Very disappointing again! Why take the only player in midfield off who can tackle and disrupt their style of play and leave four powder puff players in midfield that couldn’t tackle the proverbial fish supper!! Agree with 1875 about missing players but Mallan was a complete waste of a jersey AGAIN and offered a grand total of HEE HAW. Time to make changes Jack FFS


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Great Just Back, shame about the result! I guess poor would have been losing to a very decent St Johnstone, which we nearly did! I would have hooked Newell rather than Gogic, which opened up gaps in our middle. It's a cliche but we really need to be winning these if we have desires on third place. Mackie really is like a brick sh*thouse with curtains, if not the best defender!
The commentator did say there may have been some fatigue after the Thellick match, fair enough.
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Just A Radge
I actually thought Newell done ok and tried to play a bit. Thought that was Nissies poorest game to date, aye he set up the first goal but nowt after that.
For me, Porto is another one who's went back the way, too much pressure and expectations on young shoulders?
You're right St Johnstone are a good team, but they're not that f*****g good

Wheat Hound

Radgie, Gadgie, Onion Badgie Radge
Mallan and Newell typified the lacklustre overall performance. Both have attributes but they cannot play as the central midfield 2. Too soft and too passive, jogging about without drive or purpose.

We miss Scott Allan in there and we miss an in form Martin Boyle; he has just not been himself this season bar the first few games. His drop in form coincides with his new contract. He needs dropped to try and reignite some fire inside him, IMO.


A message to you, radge
Ross got it wrong. Doidge on for Gogic? Also Murphy was moved to a more central role at the same time. So the player most likely to give Doidge decent service, was moved from the left wing, which left Mackie on his own.
Murphy, Nissie and Newell all should have made more of their chances.
I said after the sheep game that there was a lack of togetherness in the team, seen it in spades tonight.


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We are losing goals regularly now...something we were not doing earlier on in the season when we were getting lots of wins. We have to become more resilient again.

Lack of competition in central defence does not help. Darren McGregor didn't have a good game tonight, but he is not playing regular football and at his age that will show big time when he is called upon to play. No reserve league means several players are not getting any matches to get game sharp.

Hopefully we can beat Dundee on Saturday to get to the League Cup quarter finals, then it's a full week preparation for the Motherwell game at Fir Park.

We are going through a bit of a lean period in terms of results, but we'll get things sorted. Every team goes through sticky spells during the season. We need to tighten up and become the solid unit we were earlier in the season.


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I thought Newell did better when he got further up the pitch. Unfortunately he couldnae score in a brothel. Mallan was just meh. Hanlon I don't think's fit and McGregor even more so. I think that's rubbing off on Porteous who looks like a nervous wreck. It's good to see we have two decent backs though and with Doig on the bench. Think the two on Hibs tv said he could play half back? Too many inconsistent players. Annoying ,we know Mallan and Newell have got some fitba' in them.Doidge too.


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To many games (and injuries) in to short a time is catching up on us not that can be much of an excuse as same applies to Saints who looked more eager, hungry and confident and probably shaded the game.

Faither Time and lack of games is catching up on "YLT" Daz and the spine of the team so strong earlier this year looks shorn of confidence.?

What a pity there isn't any outlet or forum to get Jack's explanation for hooking Gogic. ?

That was a substitution out of nowhere far more suited to the last 15 minutes or when chasing a game not early in the second half as it just meant a struggling midfield were just going to have to struggle that little bit more.

It did get Doidge and Nisbet together nice and early but the supply remained very poor.

It was great resilience though from Hibs to come back from the 2nd Saints goal and the manager is right to praise their character and while their keeper wasn't that busy there were also a fair number of chances created which on other days Murphy or Nissy would have taken.

Pleasing also how well our fullbacks played with McGinn a worthy man of the match and Mackie again solid and confident.

It seems common practice in football for managers to read games in advance and have plans in place for various scenarios as a game develops but you do have to wonder what our playbook says as tonight we didn't seem to give St Johnstone's midfield the respect they deserved.?
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radge grandad radge
Cheers Mark , missed the game but sounds like more players are regressing than coming on tae a game, Mackie McGinn Murphy Nisbet and Gogic would be my only outfield players tae start if we had cover for the rest. Unfortunately we dinnae and the players I huvnae named ken it.

south west hiby

Doonhamer Radge
A grand report. I thought Hibs ladies capitano summed it up perfectly. "Sloppy".
Paul M. Brilliant, one poor pass all night.
Ryan. Has not improved that much since my last viewing. Unconvinced.
I'd pay money tae watch Murphy. A joy.
As a team , capable of better.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Somes up how most feel Sunderland fans always went on about how many draws they had under Jack, hopefully its isn't an issue with us .
Our style of fitba is a bit hard to watch though.
Ross got it wrong. Doidge on for Gogic? Also Murphy was moved to a more central role at the same time. So the player most likely to give Doidge decent service, was moved from the left wing, which left Mackie on his own.
Murphy, Nissie and Newell all should have made more of their chances.
I said after the sheep game that there was a lack of togetherness in the team, seen it in spades tonight.
Didn't see tonight. Thanks for the Just Back. Boyle sounds he was again the passenger he's been for weeks. Two points dropped and why we will finish behind Aberdeen and be looking over our shoulders at Dundee United. Results are not good enough.
The feeling seems to run through much of the support.
Ross has to go.


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
The feeling seems to run through much of the support.
Ross has to go.

I don't think we are at that point. Or even close to it TBH. I think Jack Ross gets this season. I think losing a centre half in the summer and not replacing him was careless. And the midfield desperately needs reinforcement. We need signings to improve the team not additions to the squad.... I'd happily lose quite a few players.
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