Just back and that was a wee bit flat....

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Good report, thanks.

Our first choice midfield 3 has to be Hallberg, Omeonga and Docherty. Would take them to compete against anyone in this league. 3 superb midfield players.

Allan, Boyle, McNulty plus Newell and Horgan can all fight for the other 2 places alongside Super Doidge the goal machine.

Thats the way I see it but suspect Ros will persevere with his preferred 4 2 4 (which is how it looks even if he sees it differently) until the penny drops.


Bounce Radge
Docherty does look very good. Wonder if there's any scope for a permanent swap with Florihun? Here's hoping...
If he keeps playing as he did on Saturday, that`d be a result for us. Unfortunately, the huns will likely soon realise that the wannabe hun is mostly pish and fire him back along the M8. Hopefully Lech Poznan still want him in the Summer.
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