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Good points. At some stage during the remaining month and a half of the transfer window, I would like to see the manager properly address what was our major failing last season...a lack of quality in the last third and in the striking/goalscoring department. Quite simply we didn't create anything like enough chances last season and of the ones we did create far too few were taken. We put ourselves under pressure in matches because we don't score anything like enough of the chances we create. Watching the highlights from the Stirling Albion game it just looked like deja vu from last season. We actually did create quite a number of chances but failed to take any. Doidge I think will be a productive signing and Scott Allan will make a difference if we can keep him fit for most of the season, but we either need McNulty back or we need a similar type of penalty box striker brought in it's a simple as that. We are going to need a reliable 15 to 20 goals a season striker playing for us next season or we can forget about any challenge for Europe.
Leaving the long term goal of getting to Europe, I am concerned on our progression in one of the two trophies we can win. As it looks ensuring we are seeded is going to be a fight between us and our rivals across the city, the next 2 games must be won convincingly and with a good few goals to boot as I fear goals could be the difference in getting seeded.

Hamilton v Hibs

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