Just Back and Killie were professionally despatched


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Thanks for report. Talking of Kirk Broadfoot @1875 i was told by a tutor on a ( fairly poor ) training course about discrimination in football that every child in his family has the initials KB as a king billy tribute.
That’s true, his brothers called K unt and his sister is called Kowbag.


Stevenson left in a moon boot apparently.


We had by far the better chances, took a while to used to the pitch I thought.
If Hallberg had scored with his header after the sublime interplay between Boyle and the majestic Newell at the end, I may just have wet myself a bit.
Great 3 points against an in form team.

I have a pal (who I have not seen since this bastard covid) who did that in my car, leaving a permanent stain on my seat, nae sublime Hibs move either, which #Sir Shrink will confirm?
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Excellent away win today at a difficult venue for most teams.

Would like to see us starting to hit the target a bit more regularly though, the goals seem to have dried up a bit.


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I have a pal (who I have not seen since this bastard covid) who did that in my car, leaving a permanent stain on my seat, nae sublime Hibs move either, which #Sir Shrink will confirm?
I only know said bouncer by rep, but car seat staining, sounds like something he is capable off.
Agree with it all, fair enjoyed the game, thought we broke with pace and skill, a joy to watch, if we play like that next week, the gunts better watch out, Robbie looked shellshocked at FT he wint be looking forward to the semi as much as we are

Newell is just brilliant, cant think of a player who has turned it around as much as he has!!

Mon the Hibess

Roll on next Saturday

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Was impressed by our midfield yesterday. Ross seems to have been won over to 3 central midfielders instead of 2 wide players and 2 strikers. Yesterday it showed why. Gogic, Newell and Mallan all looked the part and linked up well together. Starting to see the ball played on the deck through the middle instead of running it down the flanks.

Gogic does what he's asked to do. He's the spine of our team, with Ryan and Paul behind him. He's decent going forward too, which isnt commented on as much. Love the way he puts himself about everywhere for the full 90 minutes.

Newell was superb yesterday. Possibly his best game for us. MoM for me. His link up play, defensive work, passing, clever touches, were lovely to watch. He's one of those guys who took a long time to come good but we're seeing the player now.

Not the biggest Mallan fan but fair play, he was pretty decent in the hole. His passing is good and he has goal threat. Maybe Ross will get the best out of him just behind the strikers, instead of further back where he's ineffectual.

Magennis and Hallberg slot in nicely wherever they're asked to play. Team needs at least 5 good central midfielders if its going to challenge near the top. Starting to look like our central midfield has finally got a decent shape to it. This gives me confidence for maintaining a challenge to Aberdeen more than anything.


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I missed the game yesterday and watched the sportscene highlights. Are they indicative of the game in the whole or the usual bbc faire and totally miss lots of the major points of the game?

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