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Just back and its another three points....


Bounce Radge
I don't have it but I'd assume colour blindness is a disability???

If I was you I'd take that up with the Disability Officer at the club, no idea who it is these days. Maybe @Power as he passes by could let us know.

I wonder if the SPFL/SFA have ever researched this or considered issuing guidance to member clubs.
I doubt if I would get very far with this as I have stated previously that I was an amateur Ref - and all refs have some sort of visual impairment, haven't they? There were two occasions when I had games in which the teams had similarly-coloured strips, once at the Gyle and once at Saughton. I asked one of the teams to change with another team in the dressingrooms, which as everyone knows, were rather large and housed several teams on match days, and so it was easily arranged.
I see that our Development Squad use last night's strip as a goalie's jersey to avoid a clash with other strips.
I am red and green colour blind, the most common one. Almost all of my male cousins are similarly colour blind, with none of my female cousins being so afflicted, because our grandmother, my mother's mother, was the carrier. To show it can be partially nullified, my brother, also afflicted, worked most of his days as a painter and decorator. In Moaty's immortal (immoral?) words: Cue smart-arsed jokes.

Sir Shrink

Quite a bit past it radge
Bounce Radge
I’ve often been accused of wearing green tinted specs so maybe I’m colour blind too?

The goalie on Tuesday deffo had a ‘clashing’ strip. The only gadgie showing blindness was the ref.

Green juventine

Bounce Radge
You're not as colourblind as you think.

In the first half in particular, the distance meant that the 'keeper's top and Hibs tops were well nigh indistinguishable from each other.
Well I was there that night behind the goal with the rest of the Hibees and I had no problem distinguishing between them.
We played in our orange and green away strip and their goalie had a red strip on.
By the way the name's McGoo ,Mr McGoo.🤓.
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