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Just back and a Goodwin that.....


Skivin cooncil Radge
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Sep 22, 2002
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Watched it on ALBA. For once I have no argument on your Just Back......other than Smurf masquerading as a 50 year old.
Yer havin a laff.

Dier - 1558

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Jan 4, 2023
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well, well, well what can you say about that !. we need to back it up on Tuesday, always a hard place to go, from the reports Killie were just as bad as Aberdeen. McInnes on the way out ?, would Aberdeen take him back ?.


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Apr 19, 2006
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Newel was great today, showed how much we missed him last week, Fish and Hanlon just works, nice and simple no messing about. All the players where right up for it from the get go, Campbell has developed into a good player, I thought he was decent against the Gunts and unlucky not to score on a couple occasions then aswell, made up for it today. Aberdeen where awful, looked clueless/uninterested throughout

tayside hibee

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Apr 17, 2008
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What a difference a.game.makes.
Let's not kid ourselves that the corner is turned , but that was a breath of fresh air .
Campbell must have played his way into the Scotland team. He is a fantastic Hibs player. Even goals apart , his work rate and effective contribution was huge . Trust me here, enjoy him while he's here , because he is bound for bigger wages.
Fish was.superb in the air , not convinced when it's on the deck , but had a big hand in our clean sheet.d
Mckirdy was excellent first half , but was blowing out his arse after 50 minutes.. Surely he improve his fitness.
Mcgeady, what a baller, ran the show today.
2 cups . What a guy .


Just A Radge
Dec 1, 2018
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My gast is flabbered.

If Hibernian had played like we did to day, one game in two, Wee Lee would be a hero. What in Sauzee's name did we just witness. BBC Radio Scotland talked about the state the sheep are in for half an hour after the match, I am planning to wax lyrical about our team Hibernian.

Reading that teamsheet pre match, I was worried, the defence spartan, the midfield ok and no really a goalscorer up front. Ninety minutes later, the sheep were molested, Hibs triumphant and we all left the holy ground astounded, where in Pat Stanton's name did that come from?

They started well, first few minutes I thought we were doomed, but the excellence of Cadden, fantastic defending from Paul Hanlon and Lewis, skill of McGeady and Youan, tenancity and all round Hibbyness of the wonderful Josh Campbell and the cheeky chappy that is Harry McKirdy had us on our feet six, yes six times as we sacked Badloss That was for Porto, you prick Goodwin.

I believe the young Aberdeen Ultras panned the windies in at Joseph Pearce's, scaring the boys wi their manbags and wee chihuahua's, and wummin wi their purple hair and shabby chic Chanel, brunch ruined by those bloody louts with the funny accents and sheep shite on their crotches'. This follows on from the scrap on the auld Albion Bar corner last week between puddledrinkers dressed in black and balaclavas and normal Hibs fans going to the game. Good to see someone fi Aberdeen had some fight about them, their team were pish poor.

Most of us rocked hoping we won and Goodwin got his jotters, some wanted us to lose and Wee Lee get his books, which I find weird, I want Hibernian to win every week. Then there was those who boycotted it. A Hunnish thing for me, but each to their own. It took a while but Easter Road filled up reasonably well, 1700 in Red (well a fair few head to toe in black) and 15,000 Hibernians giving a crowd of 16,671.

So, as I said after a rocky start, Cads got us going, Josh then chipped in with a superb header, Youan then did the same, Josh then got another, then Nissie came on and scored his weekly goal and finally Josh got his hattrick after young O'Connor passed the ball to him after earning a penalty and Nissie, to his credit let Josh get his hattrick. What a smashing day for a fine Hibernian.

On the pitch, Paul Hanlon played through the pain barrier and was superb, Lewis and Cads too and Fish benefitted from it. Jeggo was quietly efficient and hooked up well with the one in five Newell, Elie Youan has his best game for Hibs, McGeady toyed with them, Harry was simply a pest and Josh Campbell today showed why I have been waxing lyrical about this young Hibs kid for a long while now. MacIntyre, O'Connor, Nissie and Millar all done well when they come on. I am staying off Wee Lee's back, keep that up pal, we will grow to like you again, yes, as Ryan69 said, I am mental.

After a week of confusion and misery, its nice to come home, pour myself a glass of red and write about how well our team played and how well we won. What was the difference, well for me, it was fight. The Hibernian players played for their club, their fans, maybe their boss or indeed their own careers? It showed all over the pitch.

So, our team.....

Marshall, more commanding and more off his line today. I liked that.

Chris Cadden had a great game, he tormented their full back and played a big part on the pressure we put on the sheep.

Will Fish today was surely shiting it today after his disaster at the Guntery. Nursed through the game by the excellent Paul Hanlon, Chris Cadden and Lewis Stevenson and protected by our new Aussie Jeggo, he stopped the once proficient Aberdeen attackers and scored a fine goal to cap his best game for Hibs so fat.

Paul Hanlon has played through the pain barrier for his club. Today I thought Paul was magnificent, simply magnificent.

Lewis wisnae great last week, today he showed why we love this man. He has the fight and passion of ten men.

Jimmy Jeggo was quietly efficient allowing the fitba players like McGeady and Newell to play. I like him, slight of build, hard as nails.

Joe had one of his one in five which will annoy our own Joe (if he watched the game?). He got tore in, played well well and worked the ball forward.

I still think the best of Aiden McGeady is to come and only now he is settling in. He tormented them today until he tired on the hour.

Josh Campbell is the epitome of what a Hibernian player should be, never stops working for the team, makes the odd mistake, quickly makes up for it, scores a hattrick. Magnificent son. A blend of Lewis Stevenson and Pat McGinlay, Josh bleeds green like we do. I am delighted for him. Magnificent son. What a first goal, what a second and a well taken penalty. Magnificent son. What a pass for Nissie's goal. Magnificent son.

Harry McKirdy, for me has never been given a chance, eh was today and for me, Harry is another of that type of player that should do well at Hibs. he is a skillful, niggly, skinny wee runt who works hard for the team. I like him and will chum him doon the skate park anytime.

Elie Youan, well I said before, I have no really taken to him. Today he was superb, another fucking pest. Great header for his goal, some lovely fitba, right through the middle much of the time and what a greedy bastard eh? Mair chops than a pork butcher.

The Subs

Finally we seen the young team and the miracle return of Nissie.

McGeady went off for Nissie after 70 minutes to tremendous applause from an appreciative Hibs support. Nissie came on and continued his remarkable goal scoring record after a fine finish from a wonderful pass from Josh Campbell. Hold out for a bigger, better team than our old foes Millwall, you are better than them pal and worth a whole lot more than a lousy £2.2 million. Stay til the summer, you will go with our blessing and best wishes.

Lewis Miller replaced Harry on 75 minutes and after nervous first few minutes done just fine. Still young, I have hope for another of our Aussies.

A double change for Hibs on 77 minutes with the introduction of two wee Hibs fans, Son of O'Connor and Oscar MacIntyre.

Josh O'Connor was very impressed and earned a penalty which he honorably gave to Josh Campbell to get his hattrick. Delighted to see one of our own step up, he looks like he has it and has filled out. Good son.

Another Hibs fan, Oscar MacIntyre, came on and played like he had played for us for years. This kids is two stane wet but has the heart of a lion. Played in front of Lewis and impressed.

Wee Lee, well he has taken pelters this week, most deserved. Tell ye what though, he just shut all our moaning cakeholes. That was a fucking hammering we just gave a team above us. I listened to his interview on the way home in the car. He makes me laugh and cringe at the same time, but you know what, keep Hibs winning, keep Hibs pushing upwards, but stop talking so much shite pal, we urnae mugs.

Aberdeen, well all I can say is I thought we were in a mess. They are fucked. Their fans, fair play, they back their team, just like us. You can fuck off though Badloss, you fucking spunkstain.

The referee, again didnae annoy me and no controversial VARs to piss us all off.

The fans, well as ever the young team sung all game, as did the sheep equivalent, but the stadium was strangely muted most of the game, fear I expect. Nice to go home after giving someone a right good doing though.

Hibernian man of the match, easy peasy, Josh Campbell, one of us. He was superb. Credit to Paul, Harry, Elie and Cads who were all fantastic too.

Next up is Ross County on Tuesday night. I am heading up as ever, it's what we do The Just Back will be more a Just on the bus on a four hour journey back to Edinburgh West followed by another half hour in the car back to Livingston. It's what we do.

Finally this Just Back is dedicated to my Pal and Bounce regular @Smurf who is 50 today. That is some present from Hibernian, I hope you changed your mind and took your seat. Hibby Burpday mate, have a great night tonight!

Hibernian Forever!
Thanks for the write up
Amazing result
3 points the main thing - 6-0 I had to check another site to be sure
Harry M - I reckon ( hope ) there could be something there and can work out - what little I have seen he to me has something about him
Hope the sheep in black didn’t cause too many issues for good hibees - not a fan of those wankers


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Jun 28, 2002
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Great read. Unbelievable performance, surely now no one can doubt what Josh brings to the team.


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Feb 21, 2008
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Must admit, as shit as they were, we looked like a team that wanted it more, after the 2nd they looked done, came out in the 2nd half and huffed and puffed for 10 mins then got a doing!! Youan was a pest caused em problems all game!! My MOM easy Cambell


Top radge
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Dec 26, 2007
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Great write up, agree fully from my phone screen!

Josh involved in 5 out of 6 goals, great performance, even without his goal involvement it was a very grown up performance by him. Shuts up all his doubters

Special mention to McKirdy from ne too, I thought he put in a great shift and wish he had a chance to get you goal.
He had Hayes all over the place first half and put the fear into him.
I felt like we missed a trick early second half by putting him central and giving Hayes a break from it.
Chased every ball and I'd have been on my feet when he went off if I was there.
Well played felly.

Marshall and Hanlon I thought were very vocal and Hanlon especially helped Fish through the game. Great header for his goal btw. Left all alone so he made it count. Well played.

Newell realised early that Aberdeen had nothing on him and took control when he needed to and played games with McGeady when we had room to.

McGeady ripped the pish today, kick about down the park.

Aberdeen are brutal, their players are an embarrassment
But we went out there and done a professional job on them, while having fun and looking slick.
Delighted all round.

Goodwin no even making it out the stadium before being sacked is a guilty pleasure.
If anyone thinks our lot downed tools, today has shown we've not.
Seems like the ones willing to dig in are the ones still here.

Hibees 💚🤍

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