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Jack Ross interview


Bounce Radge
I think I lasted as far as the 3rd mention of "sacrifices".😡😡

People like Jack Ross or "Scotty Allan (sorry to pick on Scotty) but pick any of 15 1st team members and they all get paid between £100,000 and £200,000 a year.

In 12 months time they still will have received every single penny of their £100,000 to £200,000 a year as all they have done is defer part of the salary.

They haven't "sacrificed" anything at all they have done is delayed a portion of their wages to a later date.

Football people just don't live in the real world as many people seriously affected by this crisis are hoping at best for 80% of their wages to get furloughed but from now on will lose all their pension contributions.

Many self employed are going to have to wait until June until they get any money at all and its a complete lottery what they might get.😥

Many others will no longer have their business they built to return to.

Many others have been forced to sign on for the pittance that is Universal Benefits.

There is no industry in the world as cossetted and molly coddled as footballers and Jack Ross with a straight face thinks they are doing us all a huge favor.🤑.

Gies me the dry boak.😔
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Bounce Radge
Another good interview from a representative from our club.

Here's hoping it's all going to work out for those that support our club and for those that work for our club.
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