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Its Snowing in Livingston


Bounce Radge
Bloody freezing today, took the dog for a walk up the hill, wore my usual shorts and a t-shirt but added a thin fleece at the last moment. Jeez it was perishing - north wind! Yesterday i got burnt working in the garden!


Bounce Radge
Reports of hail (šŸŽ¼ hail, the Hibs ...) near the Braids sort of way.

Cold north wind in Leith but was high single figures reaching 12 degrees of coolness this efty.


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
I ate my lunch in the garden yesterday. It's now snowing outside!
My missus said it was snowing at 6.15pm. I thought she was at the wind up trying tae get me oot ma cot.


Bounce Radge
I took the wee man a walk in his pram for about 2 and a half hours and got caught in the snow. My hands and neck got sun burnt though. Weird day
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