I hate the derby. Can’t watch it now. That 4-4 years ago finished me off.
I was watching it at the in-laws. The faither-in-law was cracking open the celebratory beers. 4-2 for us and deep into injury time. I was fuckin numb. Had tae pour the beer down the sink. Couldnae look at it. Never watched an Edinburgh derby live since. If Hibs turn up, we’ll gub them. More often than not though we get sucker punched.
Apparently the weather’s to be gash so no doubt the Hampden pitch will cut up and that’ll suit the style of hoofball thae fermers play.
I’m never confident in turning that mob over. In fact I’m normally bricking it and rarely surprised by the result.
I desperately want us to absolutely leather them but in reality I’m expecting a dour booting match with them scoring a worldie while Hibs conspire to pass up chance after chance.
Now, where’s my incontinence pants?


Just A Radge
Speaking of the gunts. I just found out this morning that back in ‘86 they had a record made (as in 7” vinyl - google it kids) celebrating winning the league and cup that year. They released it before Albert Kidd did his stuff. They don’t half build up their superiority complex to get shot down every time 🤣🤣🤣
If its the same one I heard from that era, it had a jingle before the song for Marshalls chunky chicken. I guess that company must have sponsored them or the single. It was the kinda classy thing you'd associate with the gunts.