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I'm Hearing


Skivin cooncil Radge
Great fun so far. My wife took me to Madeira last weekend and me and my drinking buddies are doing an all dayer today. Big family meal on Sunday.

And I've nearly worn out my bus pass!

glad tae hear that Jack. My wife took me tae San Fran last week, having half a family meal tonight, the other half are on holidays, and an all dayer with my drinking buddies the morn. And I have just filled in the 'national entitlement card application' grandpagrandpagrandpa
I even got a card from my youngest! Better late than never :giggle:

I remember being 60.


ah cannae

Best make that 5 as I qualified this year too. Still haven't applied for my bus pass though.

Got mine in May.

You're a bunch of old bast Ards!

I've had my bus pass for a year! ( next month!)

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