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Must be down to perceptions old bean.

I don't see any 'tache defending going on. Unless it's me that you are referring to? I'm usually accused of being in Rodder's team, even although that's not at all the case. I 'defended' the lies and malice about Ponzi schemes and such like, but I was also at the 'Rodders Out' demo when I believed he was needing held to account.
Just have my own opinions, which aren't always in accord with others.
And we all have one of them. Just like aerosols. Or something.

I've yet to form an opinion of Ron, or figure out his game plan, but I'm not jumping to the conclusion that he's wearing a black hat rather than a white hat just because I haven't full disclosure on the business deal.

I apologise for the pitchfork comment if I have misread your intent.

Apology accepted I await Ron's plans too. Just wish the fecker would hurry up with them.

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What exactly is a Bufton Tufton, Hen Broon?

And I am one?

And, if so, why?
I don't know if you are one, I doubt it though. I guess it means stuffed shirt, high heid yin, something like that. I was referring to the men in blazers, not your good self.

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