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If you there's one thing that Hibs should do next...


Justified Radge
Bounce Radge
Ron Gordon should declare a new era. His era.

Then he should put the singing section back where it was in the East. Moving them to the FF Upper has been a disaster and done irreparable damage to the atmosphere in the ground. When the East goes quiet now the atmosphere becomes like a morgue.
Definitely worth a rethink, though I still favour the FF lower.

Then put big booming fuck off speakers in every stand so the bass rumbles in your guts. And get rid off the DJ who played TTF's New Emotion last Saturday. What pill-munching shadowland was that fucker from?
LOL. But yes, agreed.

Give Greggs the gig for half time scran. Curry pies. Macaroni pies. Steak pies. Chicken pies. Haggis pies. Apple pies (for desert).
Fuck yeah.


Bounce Radge
Mark Twain once said, "There are lies, damned lies, and then statistics ..."

Just a thought.


Bounce Radge
Hibs use Catapult on the training field etc, but each SPFL club gets Opta stats on the Monday following a Saturday game. This allows a direct comparison rather than eg catapult v opta with two teams.

Up until about a week ago only ‘well and Huns outran is.
Source Hecky, so believe it or not!
Hibs use a catapult on the training field?Fucking hell,what happened to running up sand dunes at Gullane?


Bounce Radge
I'd insist the incoming manager played extremely attacking football. The only thing that will get people enthused about watching Hibs again is either that or overwhelming success, and the latter is pretty much impossible in the short term.

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