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Bounce Radge
As we can’t buy shares, how would the hsl members feel about using the hsl cash to give hibs interest free loans with generous payback periods possibily linked to options to buy RGs shares?

I’m really uncomfortable with just donating money to hibs through hsl.
It would depend what the loans are for.

I'm not sure now is a good time to be asking when supporters and fans don't know what the owners plans are. And we're not in a position to make the first move.

With the likelihood that our views are going to change perhaps HSL need to build in a fair bit of flexibility into their plans, now and in the future.
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We are looking for users to donate to reach our shortfall of £100 per month to pay for the server, we realise that users may not be able to with this nasty virus, but if can, it would be very much appriecated ? We have had some cancellations on Direct Debits sadly. If you wish to set up a DD then please do so via the UPGRADES section. Stay Safe, The Bounce.
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