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How do we stop individual's ruining our clubs name?


Bounce Radge
I was also at Ainslie Park and had a very good English teacher called Mr Macaleese; good but very strict. Your first example of "club's" can refer to both an abbreviation and to possession. Your second, "clubs' " can refer to possession of more than one club (plural, of course). I don't think it was Mr Macaleese who inspired me to become a teacher of English but the language hasn't changed that much.
I stand corrected, my English teacher obviously wisnae as good as Mr. Macaleese, think we called him squeek


Top radge
Disagree. One/two/three attention seeking bams does not reflect on the club- or the support for that matter. An entire stand singing sectarian songs reflect the support and the club very well. The two are not comparable, no matter what the succulent lamb purveyors and consumers regard.
I'm not comparing the 2.
But if you think for a second people reporting about actions taken by Hibs fans week in week out won't reflect badly on the club you're wrong.

Yes, those 2 clubs are worse. Yes they should be called out and held to task.
But just look at the landscape right now. 3 incidents relating to Hibs fans at Easter road this season, 1 at Tynecastle and theyve managed to involve the cup final on their "reporting"

That reflects on the club, because those who don't sit in the stadium only see the shite.

Green juventine

Bounce Radge
Oh for feck sake sorry wtf have i started :giggle:
What indeed..."the boy done good " "we done our best " "we was robbed" also stadiums instead of stadia, and while I'm at it why do commentators insist on saying things like "He just about kept the ball in"
They say this when a player actually keeps the ball from going out. If he just about keeps it in then IT'S FUCKING OUT.
Let's not criticise each other's grammar although having a good command of the English language is a good thing to have.
Whether you choose to use it well.....


Bounce Radge
Oh crap. I'm sorry ....


Top radge
What's worse?Being talked about in negative terms?Or not being talked about?
When it comes with folk demanding we close sections of the stand or for us to be made an example of. Then this is worse.
Would we not rather the focus stayed on the bigots? Instead of what it's become?

It's also not exactly a great advert for future signings either.
Added with similar around the country, it's putting a negative spin on what's actually a decent upturn in the league and quality of football.

Refereeing aside
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