Hibs greatest


Bounce Radge
Fair enough your opinion but in regards to watching a footballer play I'm sure most folk would say Sauzee. Personally preferred him as a midfielder, his shots weren't as good when he moved to centre half.
I’d prefer to watch Sauzee too. I’d take a punt I’d prefer to watch Latapy over turnbull but Eddie is clearly one of if not the single greatest hibbys ever.


Bounce Radge
Lewis Stevenson should be remembered as our greatest ever left back. However, was he our best? No.

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
I can't really comment on that 11 as I only ever saw Goram and Sauzee out of the players listed and even then I was a young child when the toley goalie played for us.

I know my history though, so they all seem like the obvious picks, Goram controversy notwithstanding.

The likes of Latapy and SJM will likely never oust a Famous Five member but they are the best I've seen in those positions.


Bounce Radge
Latapy is another who has a decent case for being in that team, but we have had so many greats before him that it would be very difficult.
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