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Hibs finish above the Gunts again


Shameless Radge
Bounce Radge
Didn’t look likely earlier in the season but their defeat tonight ensures it.

Gonna be interesting checking the average crowds after next week,good chance we’re higher or very very close....



Easy Now Radge
Bounce Radge
We will be higher crowd wise. Like last year when you take out the inflated Murrayfield attendances.

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Bounce Radge
Marvellous. The longer we keep that shower of shite under our boot the better. I can’t see them getting near us next season. If hadn’t been for their good start they would’ve been fighting a relegation battle which is exactly where they belong.
Oh have you won a trophy Craig Levein....


Bounce Radge
Their season completely imploded after their League Cup semi defeat to Smellies.... Beating Hibs at New Year was their only real highlight. Hit badly by injuries but they had a big squad to cope with it, and Hibs were hit just as badly. Their fans must be mightily peed off going from top after three months to finishing below Hibs for the second season in a row. Levein on borrowed time IMO, however if he somehow manages to win the cup all will be forgiven by their fans.
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