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Hibs Community Foundation Summer Camps

vasco de gama

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I’m in Scotland for the summer with my 3 kids and signed up my 6 year old girl and 8 year old son for the summer camps that are held at the Hibs Training Centre. We’re halfway through the 2nd week and although I don’t get to watch the sessions I can tell they have been fantastic by the reactions of my kids.

The camp is 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Back in California the longest my kids have ever trained is 1 1/2 hours yet they seem totally up for it every morning. They use the outside fields and the indoor facilities. I can see the quality of the outside turf and my son says the AstroTurf inside is great. There’s tones of equipment and usually 3 or 4 coaches who all seem great with the kids. My son says Lewis Stevenson and Colin Nish’s sons are both at the camp which would seem like a good endorsement. Both kids got me to take them to the Hibs shop so they could get Hibs gear, they sing GGTTH all the time and want me to take them to Stirling on Saturday which is all quite a transformation as back in Los Angeles they haven’t been all that interested in football beyond the end of game snacks they get in the wee league they played in last October.

My other son and me have been taking ours bikes on the back of the car when we drop the other 2 at East Mains and going out for cycle rides around East Lothian most days while they are in the camp. I have to say East Lothian’s countryside is braw.

So basically if any of you have kids or friends with kids I would thoroughly recommend signing them up if there’s any spaces left.

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