Full Time: Hibernian 0 v 1 St Johnstone

Sept Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £26.37


Not Just a Radge
"This is the afternoon Hibs could tie up third".

That 'battle' will go down to the last day of the season and we're going to be looking for the huns to help us out. It's the Hibs way.


Well-Known Radge
We really lack quality. In desperate need of an impact player or 2 that we can bring off the bench


Well-Known Radge
Another piss poor home result to add to the others this season. So much possession and some fuxk all with it. Much improvement needed for next weekend.

still not beat them saints at home since 2012


New radge
Looks to me like Davidson has got Ross over a barrel but what do you expect playing Wright then McGennis. He has to take the criticism for this display and his choice of players that put us under threat but Hibs always let you down when you think it's a dawdle.


Just A Radge
Because Calum Davidson has got us sussed and there's fuck all Jack Ross has done about it.

IF we win next week then we have to hope that St Mirren get through as there's no way we'd beat St Johnstone.
St Johnstone fast becoming our kryptonite. Just don’t feel confident whatsoever. They could send out their u12 side and probably beat us
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