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Heckingbottom Sacked


Bounce Radge
If it doesn’t work out, we’re gonna run a real risk of getting fuckin relegated. Dunno if it’s escaped your attention.

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Didn't we do "something different" when we appointed the idiot we've just sacked?


Bounce Radge
1) Can't believe how many folk are suggesting the likes of Maloney or Fletcher - this is 100% not a time for rookies. We are right in the shit, and the incoming manager must have, er, actually managed before. I mean, you could even argue they should have managed a decent-sized club; but never managed at all? Insanity. No time for a gamble like that.

2) For me the profile MUST include knowledge of the Scottish game. For pedants like @Jack who want to know what that means, then it's this: must have either managed or played up here to a decent level; meaning they know very well both the style/pace of the game, and equally importantly the expectations of a club like Hibs, both in terms of style of play, and not accepting bending over for the Glasgow scum. This in itself is no guarantee of success (see Butcher), but it's a controllable factor that at least avoids further Calderwoods or Heckingbottoms.

3) On a related point to the above, the man must have something about him, a bit of personality. You can't lead a club like Hibs quietly from the training pitch with an iPad and bland platitudes. Even more especially now, we need led from the front, and that requires a guy with a bit of gumption and a bit of swagger, who's going to infect the dressing room with a bit of belief. We're not fcukin Kilmarnock or Dundee Utd, we're fcukin Hibs, and we need a man at the helm who not only understands that but relishes it.

With all that said, my number one choice would be Strachan. I know some folk don't like him for whatever reason, but he fulfils all of the above criteria and then some, so I'd make him an offer that would give him something to think about. My number two choice would be Robinson, for the same reasons, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Them over the road will get him.

EDIT: as for Stubbs, he was one SDG header away from total failure at Hibs, in reality, and has been abject in every job since. Plus, it's a legacy too precious to tarnish. Not for me.
I wasn't the pedant :cooly:


Bounce Radge
So in other words let's give the job to some Diddy who has already managed up here and won feck all. Strachan done OK with Celic but at the end of the day it's hardly a managerial masterclass doing so. I'm sick of the same shite coming in. Been there already. The likes of yogi, butcher and now linked with Ross who's done nout and Robinson who's also done nout. What makes these guys such a catch. Strachan hasn't got the best of managerial CVs either. Relegated with Coventry and had to walk at Middlesborough for the same thing. Didn't have Scotland playing particularly well either. Can just as easily be relegated with a manager who has lots of experience. I say do something different. Take the chanve. If it doesn't work out then it's nothing new. We start again. Same as we've always done.

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Take "the chance" we're relegated!


Bounce Radge
How many Hibs fans take the time to see how long we actually keep our managers? Good or bad it's 2 yrs. The last long term manager we employed was Alex Miller who was sacked in 1996 after ten years.
Since then we've employed 14 managers/coaches. 14!!!

Four of the most successful moved to other clubs. 3 left by mutual consent and 7 sacked. All gone within an average of 2 yrs.

How on earth do we stabilise a club our size changing our managers that quickly. Each one brings in their own players. Many of them leave to make way for the next man's choices. The money paid on fees must be astronomical not to mention the pay offs.

We have to end this. Stubbsie left us to be near his family. Forget all this guff about "saving his legacy". Any Scottish based manager would have been excited at taking that cup winning team and building on its success. Neil Lennon did and had us flying when we came back up.

Forget "Hibs men". Its hardly proved successful in the past. Making a farce of the "club legend" argument I can remember fans chanting "Stanton must go".
It never or ever will stop us calling Pat a "Hibs Legend" or Willie Ormond or Eddie Turnbull or Franck Sauzee.

So no more chancing it with a young coach. No ex Hibs men or coaches leaving us for Rotherham. It has to be a senior manager who will gain respect the minute he walks in the door. Gordon Strachan would be a great signing but I would be gobsmacked if he took it. There are many other guys of his ilk. We should push the boat out and give one of them a final project before they head off to sleep in front of the telly.

We need proven experience over many years. Someone who will not leave at the first call from the old firm or England. We need stability. Are we willing or able to pay for it? Over to Ronald and Leeann.


Bounce Radge
Lots of contradiction all through this thread!

We have already tried “all of the above”,

young or new managers such as Collins, Le God, Stubbs. Older managers with Scottish experience, who can forget Butcher or Williamson and the sparkling brand of football we played under those guys.

Give the manager a longer contract or time to deliver - Alex Miller - one cup and nine years of misery.

Don’t think there is a right answer, LD has got to go with who they think is best and there is a 50% chance she will get it right and 100% chance she will get the blame if it goes wrong.

vasco de gama

Bounce Radge
I also get your point, but how many chances do we give them? If we really want to progress then we have to bring in better quality, not easy I know but maybe Ron may just open up his wallet to show us fans what his real intent is, hopefully.
Presumably 2 chances. They’ve failed the first chance. The second chance starts now and lasts to the next transfer window.

The Family

Capital Radge
Bounce Radge
TBH a lot of people have slagged his time at Sunderland - 50% isn't that bad, other managers failed in England but were successful here. I would like Stubbs to come in until the summer then review things from there.



Bounce Radge
I've been thinking more about the 'relieved of duties' verses being sacked.

A sacked PHB would receive any and all of the compensation due immediately.

By going on gardening leave there's always the chance that he'll pick up another job during the period of leave therefore the amount paid to him will be less.

Well done Hibs if this is what's happening.


Bounce Radge
Seems the draws lost him his job. He certainly steadied the ship at Scumderland.
His resources were onpar with Smellies... and The Rangers in comparison to the rest in that league.
That would be pretty poor for them.

Im pretty sure the draw percentage was very very high.
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