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Has Horgan Reshuffled The Natural Order?


Bounce Radge
Gav, Craig & Dave break down the Derby, analysing why Hibs started poorly & how we turned it around to get our first win at Tynecastle in 6 years.

We discussed Bartley's comments after it emerged he was racially abused.

The impact Heckingbottom has had, and where we can go next

And we looked at the players who are returning to the squad after Hibs Development team had 10 players who have played for the first team in their starting XI

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Bounce Radge
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Seven Tattoos

Timothy Claypole Radge
Bounce Radge
Part of Bounce
Good point. Really, if Rolf Harris wasn't such a #$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!, instead of going all Judith Chalmers on us and pretending he doesn't like Spain (we all know that right now - at this very moment - he and Granny Fudge are naked, each covered in peanut butter, watching a box set of 'Benidorm' episodes together), he would post a selfie on Faecebook of how his 'natural order' is now ensconced up his Gary Glitter. Which is quite something for an abstract concept.

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