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Hamilton Away


Tough game like


Bounce Radge
I'm still gonna stick it up on my you tube channel. If there's any response I could potentially do a YouTube stream so you can watch real time while I sit in my pyjamas and commentate! Scottish Football


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
Nightshift Friday, hope it’s no a 12.30 ko.

Sir Shrink

Quite a bit past it radge
Bounce Radge
I'd like to go but Im self isolating at the moment
Thought there was a decent chance you’d just be walking yourself into a frenzy.

Just because it’s the end of the world as we know it, doesn’t mean I have to stop being a *&*^.


Bounce Radge
Think it could be a difficult game.I t all depends on who turns up.


Bounce Radge
Half an hour gone still nil nil.

Hopefully get the opener before half time then I think the second half they'll fold, I can't see them scoring. If we don't get the goal it will be a dull yin.

Still nil nil at St Johnstone too.


Coffee Shop Radge
Bounce Radge
Uh oh: metaphysics time out for Hamilton defender Daycart, looks like a reality denial, could be out for some months. Carnage!
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