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Hibee Kev

Bounce Radge
The missus got me clippers for my birthday a few years ago, finally put them to good use! Went for a 2 all over 4 weeks ago then last weekend went for a one all over! 👨🏻‍🦲


Bounce Radge
Aye my Barnet was getting on my nerves so I purchased clippers last week. Both mines and my auld mans heid shaved. I quite like the feel and look of it. Plan to stick with it til I get bored.


Bounce Radge
I went full david gray last week. All I have is a beard trimmer with like a 0.5 setting. Shaved it all off. Starting to look less stupid now


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
The missus got me clippers for my birthday a few years ago, finally put them to good use! Went for a 2 all over 4 weeks ago then last weekend went for a one all over! 👨🏻‍🦲
Some dirty bastard bought my auld man clippers when we were bairns, it wis him cuttin ma hair or spend yer 2/6 pocket money up at McKechnies 2 doors along fae yer grandas shop, McKechnies was the lesser of the two evils😂


Skivin cooncil Radge
Bounce Radge
Sister in law ain't doing the hair( social distancing and all that jazz).

Couldn't stand it any longer so I let loose the missus with the clippers..
She did her best. (She said).

Yesterday i purchased a Hibs neckwarmer.
Today I've added a bobble hat to the order.

I suppose I'll have to try to bring her round.
I know it's wrong to use violence on anyone, never mind a woman.

But her hysterical laughter was the last straw.


Bounce Radge
Anyone any idea when hairdressers might be allowed to open again ?


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Bounce Radge
I have not had a haircut for 10 weeks, and have now not shaved for 6 weeks. Our lodger is taking a photo every day, which I'm hoping to turn into a kind of timelapse thing, as I grow more and more like the wildman of Abbeyhill. The urge to trim the beard is sometimes unbearable, especially with all the mad clumps under the jawline, and the sort of Victorian whiskers effect at the sides, but so far I'm resisting. The hair on my head has also gone daft too, there's literally nothing I can do now to avoid looking like I've just got up.

Overall, quite fun, but I'll be getting sheared again at the first possible opporchancity.
I'd love to see that when it's finished Aggie.


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Bounce Radge
I'm bald as a coot. I had a very full head of hair and then had it all shaved off a few years ago, live in the Bailie Bar, to raise some cash for the Dnipro Kids appeal. It was prompted by a throwaway line that I was considering it and my hun pal saying he'd put £50 in to the pot. How could I refuse. I decided to keep shaving it although my old mum doesn't like it to this day.

I had to make sure my special glass was out the way so that hair clippings didn't fall in to my pint @Sir Shrink:popcorn3:

Desperate Dan

Scottish no british, ya radge
Bounce Radge
Been doin' my ain hair for what must be aboot 14-15 years now, getting shorter as it got less, just the clippers with nae comb attached now. Even if I could have my hair back now I dinnae think I'd bother, 5 mins with the clippers once a week is much less hassle. 👨‍🦲


**** The Hearts



Bounce Radge
Nuther baldy bastard here. Quite happily letting what there is left grow in almost any way it wants. Compensating by "cultivating" the 'tache.
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