Greg Docherty Checks In!

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Very good midfielder with Shrewsbury last season. Their player of the year. Scores goals too. If his attotude is good ie not hunnish then great to see him here.

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Robert Barone

Bounce Radge
More energy in midfield..haven't really seen him since his impressive spell at Hamilton but seems to have been highly thought of at Shrewsbury.

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Bounce Radge
Quite happy with this one. Don’t know much about him other than he was Shrewsbury POTY last year and that we were in for him before he went to the huns. Wonder if there’s any swap deal clause in place


Bounce Radge
Thank gawd for that,thought it might be Tommy.No doubt somebody will inform me he's been deid for years.Much like Edward Woodward.


Bounce Radge
Not sure if I'm that happy to have a player at Hibs that didn't really want to be here. Maybe I'll change my mind if he scores the winner against the PBS amateurs.
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