Glenn Middleton Signs for Hibernian on a 1 Year Loan

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
If he turns our season around bring him in...if he is good cover then ok..might add bucks to him for that lot, but he will go somewhere, might as well be us if he brings something. Imagine if he went to killie or somewhere and turned their season around at our expense

I'd feel better if it was going to pay the face painter


Should be a good addition. Hopefully allows us the play a more balanced 442 and have some genuine threat down both flanks.


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Bounce Radge
I hate to say it, he is. Looking forward to seeing Middleton, the Good Hun at works thinks he is a great player.

how the fuck could we sign a player who is gash ? someones judgement appears to be miles out if he's this bad

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