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Game just got even more interesting...


Bounce Radge
I'm not going to say "important" (though I am thinking it)...but with the results today all "going our way" we need to capitalise on all the clubs around us not winning.

If you were swithering about tomorrow please think about getting down to ER to back to boys as we try to go back top of the league on our own again.

Or to call Willo Flood names.

You choose.


Bounce Radge
Do you think United might try to Flood the midfield ?...i'll get my coat.

Results certainly helped us today. A win tomorrow puts us back top by a point.


Bounce Radge
Do you think United might try to Flood the midfield ?...i'll get my coat.

Results certainly helped us today. A win tomorrow puts us back top by a point.
They'll be Gunning for us... :lookaround:


Bounce Radge
Gutted I can't make it tomorrow, first home game of the season I'll no make thanks to fcuking tv!! Aw well eh the price you've gotta pay!

Hibee Kev

Bounce Radge
Can't make it tomorrow either as doing the Great Scottish Run through in the weedge. Been unable to loan out my ST which is slightly surprising/annoying, though to be fair a lot of the guys who would previously have taken it now have STs themselves. Will be listening to the game during the run, and will be hoping to hear us get the win that'll take back to the top of the table!


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Bounce Radge
I'm planning on being there but if my back is effed and I can't go I've got someone on standby to take my ST.


Bounce Radge
In Montpellier so missing it, hoping for the win and look forward to the just back report

Robert Barone

Bounce Radge
Hoping this a more open type game which will suit us..time for other players in the team to take some responsibility in the goal scoring dept. I hope we go with Jason and Keats up front but I don't think we will as Lennon will probably go with Holt and Jason I'd expect.

Utd have got some useful players up front and Simon Murray looks like he can be a handful on his day.

Fancy us to click tomorrow and there to be a few goals...3-1 Hibs I think.

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Bounce Radge
Massive game tomorrow for lots of reasons. D Utd will be a very difficult opponent but this is a great opportunity for Hibs to reassert themselves after a mini blip.
I am expecting a solid and determined performance from Hibs tomorrow, 2-0, although Andreu will be a big threat.

I would like to see us start with Boyle again as he is the only player with game changing pace.


Bounce Radge
What channel is it on?

If I can't watch it on the hotel telly I'll be watching it on my tab.

32c here. I might have to have cold beers and snacks while I'm watching :-)


Baltic Radge
Bounce Radge
They aren't goin to come & park the bus so I reckon we'll nab a few. It'll also be interesting to see how Rocky fares, given that he doesn't normally have to do much!

2-0 Cummings & Holt :thumbgrin
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