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Flo is Albanian


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
Been called up by Albania. Watch him get injured and oot fur the season.


Bounce Radge
Makes his feelings very clear, love this bit:

"Two up front is the way forward. Everybody asks me what I prefer and of course it’s two up front. Hibs should be an attacking team. We don’t want to defend, we want to attack all the time, and I think Saturday showed that two up front is a very good solution for the team. Even if I play alone up front, I will always try my best, but if I can have somebody beside me to support me, it’s even better. I think I showed on Saturday that if I have a partner like Doidgey next to me, I can make a difference.”


Bounce Radge
I bet Flo is pissed. Not even made the bench in either game .

If the manager really wanted him to play....You would think he would at least get a place on the bench.


Bounce Radge
It’s a paperwork issue to do with his registration, he wasn’t eligible to play either game.

Good for him being part of the squad, training etc.
Didnt know that.
Thought it was abit brutal.
As even if he wouldnt get on...you at least give him the match experience.

But fair enough...:)


Bounce Radge
Hibernian striker Florian Kamberi's hope of making his debut for Albania against Andorra was thwarted by a delay in documentation and his chances of playing against France are hindered by a slight leg injury. (Edinburgh Evening News)

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Radge McRadge
It used to be you needed a passport of the country you were representing - to prove citizenship - but the rules changed after abuses by some countries. Now you need to prove some link IIRC, so I guess he has to prove citizenship of Albania and birth certificates of parents.
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