Feeling Sad

Feb 11, 2010
Stanton, O'Rourke, Sloop, Onion, Shades - actually, prolonged grieving over the 'loss' of that whole team.

Franck Sauzee.

John McNamee.

Just old enough to remember Joe Baker leaving for Torino after he asked for a £5 raise in his wages. :076:

Par for the course for a Hibee. :(


metaller radge
Oct 16, 2007
The first time I ever felt sad due to a player leaving was when John Collins left us to join Celtic in 1990. I always thought he was a flair player and exciting when he was on the ball he was creative but still a bit raw at hibs as he was developing. Then a year later I watched my first hibs hero Andy Goram leave to join Rangers. As a keeper myself at the time he was the one keeper I wanted to be as a kid. Little did we know less than a year later Keith Wright would score that goal in the semi final and we'd have a new goalkeeping madman of a hero in john burridge take over between the sticks. win the cup with Keith Wright scoring in every round.

It took years until I felt a void again which was when Russell Latapy left us he was exciting to watch very skillful could create something from nothing change a game in an instant. Then there's scott brown leaving for celtic. that is when I realised hibs are a selling club and they are not going to change and build a team worthy of winning a premiership title (which is the only domestic trophy I've never seen hibs win).