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Favourite Non-2016 Scottish Cup Memories

Hibee Kev

Radge Donator
Radge Donator
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Bounce Radge
2016 gave us plenty of great memories and there are tonnes of threads already with some brilliant anecdotes from that great day and the earlier rounds. But what are your favourite SC memories outside of 2016? Here’s a few of mine:

  • 2007 (Replay) Hibs 4 Aberdeen 1. Benji on fire and a screamer from Mikey Stewart. Biggest win over the sheep in my lifetime. Felt so proud of how we played that night!
  • 2006 Huns 0 Hibs 3. I was at the Ivan Sproule game but in my sick bed for this one. Thought we played better in this encounter and what an away support. My brother and Dad were on zitelli.
  • 2003 Dundee United 2 Hibs 3. A perfect hat-trick from Grant Brebner. Think I was behind the goals at Tannadice for this one? Must have taken a good support through.
  • 2013 Falkirk 3 Hibs 4. Ashamed to say I watched the 2nd half of this in a pub outside Hampden. Table of drinks exploded when Super Leigh rifled home the 4th in extra time!
Any more for any more?


Skivin cooncil Radge
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Beating Aberdeen on penalties at Pittodrie 1997 maybe?
Away to Kilmarnock, 2013. Sparky hat trick, I think? Stand was bouncing, almost literally.
One of my favourites , too. Although I was shitting it because I genuinely thought the thing was going to fold!
The 0-3 at greyskull( cup game)
The semi final we lost to Hertz.....not for anything to do with the game, but we were with Greenman when we got back to Edinburgh. Standing outside the Royal Nip with our drinks, he turns, looks at his reflection in the window and says..'take a fuckin look at that! I'm 53, fat as fuck, wi a face like a bag at tripe'. 5 seconds later he utters 'but av got a big c*ck'!
The 4 of us were rolling around on the pavement.
That's what supporting Hibs is about. And the Bounce tours in particular.


Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Monthly Radge
McManus late header to win the quarter final at Killie in 2001, absolute scenes.

Wotherspoon winner v the deviants in early December 2012


New Member
Bounce Radge
Part of Bounce
Gordon Rae v them
Hibs Aberdeen semi at dens - we got beat and a riot after

Hibs v St.Johnstone

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